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This Book Could Get You Into College!

This Book Could Get You Into College!

'olwhatshername tackles the impossible process of applying to college using this trusty book!—Sparkitors

How do I write my application essay?

How the heck am I going pay for tuition?

How can you relate college admissions to Ben and Jerry’s?

These are questions that all of us ask as we struggle through the soul-sucking task of applying to college. Thankfully, I've found our savior: it’s called Don’t Stalk the Admissions Officer: How to Survive the College Admissions Process without Losing Your Mind, by Risa Lewak. Some highlights of this book:

-It was published in 2010, so we’re not getting tips on how to apply to, say, the Harvard class of 1636

-The former dean of admissions at MIT (Marilee Jones) liked it

-It has its own Facebook page. So it must be important.

In the introduction, we find out that the lovely Mrs. Lewak was a little obsessive about the admissions officer at the University of Pennsylvania—and she wants us to avoid making the same mistake. She also wants to make the admissions process as painless and successful as possible, which brings us to the first chapter: “Overachiever and Loser Have the Same Latin Root.”

This chapter discusses the students who are in every club, and who make up new clubs when they aren’t satisfied with the existing ones. They’re also the ones who make your grades look laughably bad and, annoyingly enough, they probably outrun you on the track team, too. To them, and everyone else, these tips are offered:

-Don’t try to trick the admissions officer; they can tell when you're only involved in something because the name looks good on your resume/application. Show them that you're really passionate about something; if you love knitting, show up to your interview wearing a scarf that you made yourself, or compare The Catcher in the Rye to felting.

-You don't have to be the best, or the president, or captain of every club you're in. Just enjoy doing it, and participate with dedication and enthusiasm.

-Take AP classes in subjects that you’re actually interested in. Oh, sure, it sounds obvious, but, as this book’s title suggests, common sense can become a little blurred when you’re trying to put together the best application possible. Also, don’t be afraid to take honors or regular classes in a subject—I can attest to the fact that both can provide all of the rigor that you need.

-Electives are nice. They make you well-rounded (and in a much more flattering way than the Freshman Fifteen).

-Don’t try to trick the admissions officer with volunteering, either. Also, don’t run over pedestrians.

And finally…

·-Quit harassing your teacher for extra points. Do you want to be one of those stories that people tell around a campfire?

“It may have been only four points, but that AP Lit teacher was never seen again…”

Do you think this book sounds helpful? Would you like to see more chapter reviews?

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