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The Freshman 15 Is a Big, Fat Myth

The Freshman 15 Is a Big, Fat Myth

Exciting news! According to science, there's no such thing as the freshman 15. On average, girls gain just 3 pounds during their first year of school, and guys gain 3.5 pounds—and scientists say that's probably because their bones n' stuff are still growing, not because they're stuffing soft serve into themselves at every opportunity. So where did the myth come from?

Seventeen, that's where! The editors of that magazine coined the phrase on the cover of a 1989 issue. "Freshman 15" caught on and got repeated widely, even though it has no basis in fact. Just one more reason to read SparkLife instead of girl mags, ladiezzzzz.

Are you headed out to eat pizza in celebration of this news?

via Jezebel

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