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Blogging Dr. Who: The Finale

Blogging Dr. Who: The Finale

TheaterAddict has finally finished the first season of Dr. Who! —Sparkitors

I'm done blogging Doctor Who, Season 1. Not in an "I quit" kind of way, either. I mean, quite literally, that I'm finished with it. There is no more.

Bad Wolf ~ Episode 12

The Doctor stumbles out of a closet into some futuristic reality show. Rose falls onto a transmat and is told by a random guy to obey the androids right before she gets called up to a podium with her name on it. Captain Jack’s wardrobe is criticized by two robots, and gets… uh… defabricated.

The Doctor remembers that he was blinded by a great light which managed to get through his TARDIS’s shields, and was taken hostage by this game. The Doctor realizes this is an elaborate evil plot, and decides to try to save the day while getting Rose and Jack (but mostly Rose) out of there. Rose keeps playing the trivia game being held by Androids, and THE ANSWER TO ONE OF THE QUESTION IS TORCHWOOD!

To be honest, this episode is confusing. Rose keeps playing the game show, and picks someone to get “out.” It turns out that this involves being disinigrated.  The Doctor makes jokes while one of the housemates gets evicted. That's when he realizes that getting evicted means getting evicted from life.

Apparently whatever is behind this game show has brainwashed humans into not being outraged as it steals people at random  to play the game. The Doctor vows to save Rose, who is a contestant.

Rose learns from a contestant that the corporation behind the show is called Bad Wolf. And then there are these eerie flashbacks that show Bad Wolf being referred to in previous episodes.

The Doctor does something that should get him evicted, but the bad guys override because they want him alive. The Doctor asks some chick playing the game to come with him, and he extends his hand in this epic “JOIN ME” moment. Then The Doctor realizes he’s in satellite five. From 100 years ago.

The Doctor just realized that he screwed around with time, and he’s the reason Earth sucks, instead of being a brilliant civilization. He also figures out that he’s being manipulated by someone. He rushes to Rose, and finds her just in time to watch her get disintegrated. I hope this is a joke. The Doctor doesn’t seem to care about anything anymore as he’s dragged away from Rose’s ashes by police.

But apparently, The Doctor isn’t quite as down as he looks, because, along with Jack, they bust outta there. The trio make their way to the main layer, and Jack finds the TARDIS.

The Doctor finds this weird electro-woman who tells him that her masters have been hiding in the dark, shaping humanity for years. She fades out before The Doctor can get a proper answer out of her, though.

Then Jack remembers that the disinigrater beam was actually just a transmat beam; It just moves people across space, so Rose is still alive. Somewhere.

The Doctor figures out that there are thousands of invisible Dalek ships above Earth. They kidnap Rose, and tell The Doctor that if he wants Rose, he’ll have to let them do whatever they want to earth.

At first, I thought The Doctor would choose humanity over Rose, and I was cheering, but The Doctor is going to try something incredibly stupid to attempt to save both.

I bet Rose felt tingly inside when The Doctor told her he was going to save her. I know I would.

The Parting of the Way ~ Episode 13

The Daleks continue to hold Rose hostage, but The Doctor breaks into the spaceship and takes her.

We learn that the robots managed to survive the Time War, which means that The Doctor’s people died in vain. The Doctor isn’t happy right now. It turns out that they survived with the help of a purple octopus like monster that calls itself the god of the Daleks. Apparently they used dead human cells combined with the Dalek’s to make themselves more powerful.

The Doctor reveals that by using human cells, the Dalek’s hate who they are, and they’re being driven insane. The Doctor travels back to the station to try to save the world. The Daleks seem to think it will be fun to “purify” the earth with fire, and basically turn the earth into a Dalek party of burnt ashes and more burnt ashes.

Then Jack kisses Rose AND THE DOCTOR! It was a weirdly platonic kiss for being on the lips though. Maybe it’s just the way Jack says goodbye?

The Doctor tricks Rose into going into the TARDIS, and programs it to go home while she’s still inside it. A hologram of The Doctor tells Rose to have a good life without him, and to be happy.

Meanwhile, The Doctor must decide whether to sacrifice the entire human race to destroy the Daleks or not.

As Jack and the crew prepare for war, Rose has a panic attack back at home that made me cry. She tells her mother that she doesn’t want to live a mundane life without The Doctor. She spots the words Bad Wolf inscribed into the ground. Rose decides this is a link to The Doctor and wants to try to go back.

Back at the station, the Daleks destroy everyone on the spaceship except Jack and The Doctor… and then they kill Jack, too. Sad face.

Rose somehow manages to get back, but when she returns, only The Doctor is there, and the consequences of Rose looking into the TARDIS are just… bizarre. Rose’s eyes are golden, and shine like they’re filled with light. She speaks mystically as she destroys the Daleks with mere words, and scatters the letters BAD WOLF into time and space. She returns Jack back to life (yay!), but before her power can destroy her, she kisses The Doctor passionately, and the power returns to him and the TARDIS.

I thought, for one horrible second, that The Doctor was going to die, but he does this weird transformation into another Doctor. Weird. And that was the end.

What did you think of the finale?

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