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Talie's Back! And She's Dating Older Men?

Talie's Back! And She's Dating Older Men?

Talie is back with an update, and boy does she have a lot to update on! —Sparkitors

I've literally been staring at the screen for like, 10 minutes. Wanna know why?

Basically, I have no idea how to begin this. I mean, holy mother of all things MERCIFUL, there is SO MUCH TO SAY. My brain is just one giant ball of... of... BLECH.

I'll start at the end of my last post: the oh-so naive, less mature, pre-college-student Talie posted about her fears of college and made a list of awesomesauce stuff to do at college...

Wait, did I say "less mature"? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

I'm still the same immature, awkward Talie who manages to embarrass herself at least five times a day by tripping her way through campus. Anyway, college is big and scary, right? WRONG.

Let me start with my roommates: you see, I have five other roommates. Yes, FIVE. Because I'm staying in an off-campus apartment (which is waaay better than on campus living, in my opinion... mostly because I meet older guys), and I get to have lots of roommates.

Oh, did I mention that two of them are cheerleaders?

Imagine my surprise when I arrived to my apartment on the first day with my parents, my imaginary unicorn Paco, and my secret dreams of finding a band of misfits and creating an acting company dubbed "Galaxychild" (not to be confused with Starkid) and found two cheerleaders.

My original thought: "Did I do something wrong senior year? Is this KARMA???"

But actually, its not that bad. They're pretty dang awesome. Okay, yes I'm pretty sure that I'm the weirdest person they know, and they find my extreme excitability over seemingly mundane things like not starving, colorful socks, playing the ukelele, long boarding, and the smallest amount of snow a bit on the unnecessary side. And I'm sure that they consider my constant singing a little much (they've never lived with a music major before).

On the other hand, one of my roommates is a music major JUST LIKE ME. She's a musical genius. If a Beethoven was reincarnated as a girl, he'd be her. Due to the fact that I'm a college student, I don't have a life. I mean, I do homework most of the time and have zero social life.

Okay, so that's not 100% true. I do actually go to corn mazes and dance partays and haunted houses and other fun stuff...

Oh, and my classes. MY CLASSES. So remember when I explained to y'all that I had to basically run to my classes in high school? Same concept now, except that I have 15 minutes in between classes and I have to walk to the opposite side of campus.

Which is why, on the first day of class, I sprinted to the building in which my religion class is, got to the classroom and exploded through the door, unable to contain my excitement.


...And, unfortunately, all the faces looking back at me did not mirror my same enthusiasm. At all. It feels good to know that, no matter where I am, my awkwardness is still intact.

But something that HAS changed is my ability to talk to boys–boys that are way older than me. Remember when I said I was meeting a lot of older guys? Yeah, I don't mean like 19-20 year-olds. I mean 21-24 year-olds.

Extremely ATTRACTIVE 21-24 year-olds.

I have no idea what it is with the campus, but it is packed with some FINE looking men. F-I-N-E (in case you didn't catch it the first time).

In fact, I'm going out on a date with a 23-year-old. Don't worry, we're just friends. My affections actually lie with another 23-year old... Let's call him Rodger, because he plays guitar and kinda reminds me of Rodger from Rent.

Guys, is this a problem? I'm digging on a dude that is 5 years older than me. But he's so CUTEEE. And not just physical quality-wise (but he is SO SO SO attractive), but personality wise, too. I mean, he says random stuff like I do, he laughs a lot, he's always happy, and he's just so... AHHHH. And he seems to like being with me and stuff... and I catch him looking at me A LOT.

For example: I was walking into the music building and was about to grab a practice room when my phone starting ringing. Well, you see, I never have a signal in the practice rooms, so I was forced to walk back to the lobby area so I could continue talking on the phone. And who do I see as I'm shuffling back to the lobby with my phone?

That's right. RODGER.

And the dude's just standing there, staring at me.

I waved. And mouthed hi. He waved back and left. It was extremely romantic.

But there is one teeny, tiny, small problemo... he has a girlfriend. And they've been dating for a year, so he might propose to her or something dramatic like that.

Isn't it obvious that we'd be just so darn PERFECT together? How can he not see that? Clearly, the Tay-Swizzle song "You Belong With Me" applies perfectly to this situation.

Oh no. OH NO. I'm turning into one of those girls that's comparing her life to every single Taylor Swift song in existence. This is not good.

I hate boys... But I love college.


Talie :)

Does Rodger sound like trouble to you?

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