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The LDR: A Participant's Perspective

The LDR: A Participant's Perspective

carrieaimelire is an expert on the art of dating while apart (and we are experts at rhymes that don't really make sense. Buttever). —Sparkitors

If you’re confused, LDR= long-distance relationship.
If you’re excited to read this, you are in one.
If you’re apprehensive, your perception of healthy long-distance relationships might be a little off.
If you’re hungry, you should go eat cereal. Cereal is nice.

The LDR is a wonderful, mystical relationship that occurs between two people who care about each other but don't get to see each other very often, due to the distance between them.

This type of relationship typically gets a bad rap for being difficult and pointless.

Frankly, I think this is crap.

Anyone can have an LDR, and anyone can make it last, and no amount of distance can stop you from being in a healthy relationship with someone who makes you happy. It takes a lot of work and sacrifice, but if both people are willing to put time and effort into keeping it going, having one is not impossible. Why do I seem so sure of this? Because I’m in an LDR myself, and I won’t lie to you guys: it has not been easy by any means.

We aren’t a perfect couple. Fights happen, sometimes we have miscommunications, and sometimes we have to be content with exchanging a few text messages in the afternoon because we’re too busy to actually talk.

But that’s the key: people assume that a relationship is supposed to evolve in movie-time. In movies, they fast-forward through the dull moments and the normal moments and the just-existing moments and sometimes the bad moments and the sweet moments until all you have in the film is the juicy, passionate stuff. They leave out the meat of the relationship, the stuff that strings all the moments together.

And because this is the representation of romantic relationships that most people are exposed to until they themselves start dating, they have unrealistic expectations of what a relationship should be like.

As my good friend Adam Levine once said, relationships aren't always rainbows and butterflies. And if they were, I think I’d be a little sickened, to be quite honest. No one needs to see or experience THAT much cuteness every single day of a relationship. The couple would die of boredom with each other.

BUT. One wonderful thing about the LDR is that when you DO see each other in person, it is MAGICAL. Everything is pretty and lovely and good and you never want to sleep and you are so full of love and happy feelings and nice tingly sensations that you could just explode because your heart is so full.

If you’re in an LDR, keep holding on. If he/she makes you happy and you really care about each other, it’s definitely worth the dreadful wait between visits.

You can beat the distance!

We're not in an LDR, but this post is so inspirational that it makes us wish we were. Have you ever been in a long-distance relationship? Do you have any tips for making it work?

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