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Faye's First Month of College

Faye's First Month of College

Faye is back! And she made it through her first week of college...—Sparkitors

I’m alive!

I, Faye, have survived an entire month at college.  It’s time to celebrate. WOO! SCANDALOUS COLLEGE PARTY!

Just kidding. I have an engineering paper to write. Yup, I’m still a nerd. Except now I’m a college nerd. A college nerd who knows many-a-thing about college and is here to amuse you with tales of shenanigans and tom-foolery... and maybe teach you what I’ve managed to learn about this thing called “college education.” 

A recap of my past month:

The thing that no one ever tells you about college is how lonely you feel that first day. Once my bags were unpacked and my mommy was on her way home, I just sat on my perfectly made bed and thought, “This is it—there’s no going back." And even now, sometimes I get homesick for the weirdest things, like my mom teaching me how to drive, or knowing where everything is in Walmart, or fuzzy things, like cats. The only pet we have is a floor fish… and there’s an obese groundhog outside my window, but Wikipedia says groundhogs are aggressive, so I just stalk him from afar.

But the awesome thing about college is that you don’t have to feel lonely for long. Everyone on my floor, led by our smart, funny, awesome, sexy, male Mama Bear RA, is super nice. Sure, there are people who get on my nerves, but our Mama wants us to be one big happy family, and it definitely feels that way. (But seriously, our RA is crazy attractive. Plus he’s going to be a doctor. Did I mention our RA is good-looking?)

Another thing that prevents loneliness is that everyone is desperate to make friends. Which makes making friends super easy. I feel like I’ve known my suitemates forever, but a month ago I didn’t know they existed. We’ve had girls nights out, gone shopping, been to the football games, and watched Mulan at 1 in the morning. That’s one of the weird things about college—time moves differently. A day might drag on while a week flies by.

On the subject of time: there’s just not enough of it. Engineering isn’t cake. It’s more like some hard dessert I would name if I had the time to come up with a clever metaphor. I always have more homework to do, plus the first exams are coming up and I’m freaking out. I go to class all day, do homework, and study in between classes. In the evening I take breaks to socialize and eat occasionally. Then I go to bed at 1, wake up at 6:30, and do it all again. But really, who needs sleep? Not me, because...

Sleep Is For the Weak (AKA Faye’s Freshman Year: The Blog)

College Fact #1: You can live off 5 hours of sleep if you drink enough Mountain Dew. This is a scientific fact. More research needs to be done on the harmful effects of drinking Mountain Dew, though, since I’m 90% sure it’s killing me slowly. But the caffeine tastes so good…

Anyway, now that I'm an Official College Expert, ask me your burning college questions!  Things like, “Does everyone just talk about hooking up?” and “What are the hibernation patterns of groundhogs?” Let me know what you want me to focus on each week: friends, schoolwork, partying, fun-stuff, boys, my hot RA, etc.

And did you notice how I didn’t mention the roommate situation at all in this post? That’s a little something we writers like to call building suspense. It keeps the reader (you) reading, and it gives the writer (me) more time to write whatever the heck I’m writing. All will be revealed next week in….

Sleep Is For the Weak! (Is that beginning to sound like some cheesy daytime television program to anyone else?)

Until then,
Faye :)

So, what do you think Faye should write about? Leave your suggestions in the comments!

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