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Why Senior Year Is the WORST Time to Move Across the Country

Why Senior Year Is the WORST Time to Move Across the Country

littlemisskatbacon had to move right before her senior year... is there any hope? —Sparkitors

I have been transplanted from Utah to North Carolina as a senior in high school. While I may have been on top of things and super involved back home, it is nearly impossible to get that way in one school year. In the few weeks I have been here, I have discovered that virtually any other time would have been a better time to move, and here are my reasons why:

1. Obviously there is a severe lack of friends, and so everyone automatically assumes you’re a freshman. Either that or they just think you look funny, and that’s why they all stare and ignore you....Maybe you forgot to take the label that says “TRANSFER” off your back.

2. College applications have to be put on hold. First of all, you have to wait until a grading period has passed in order to get transcripts from your new school. In addition to this, you must find your new counselor, who never answers her email and seems to not exist at all, and then you must convince her to write you a really good recommendation.

3. Your old high school had the IB program, and your new one doesn’t. This results in some interesting class selections thanks to your counselor, who may or may not exist, not knowing where to place a student of your academic level.

4. On the first day of class your first period teacher gives a lecture on how you’re new and that’s hard. This results in more strange looks and still no friends.

5. The pretty foreign exchange student will inevitably be more interesting than you and therefore you will unable to get even her to talk to you.

6. You’ll be so concentrated on trying not to get lost on your new campus that you slip on the stairs and fall down. In front of the student body president and her friend. Who were already looking at you funny before the incident...

7. You have no idea how the cafeteria system works. Actually, you have no idea how to find the cafeteria, so you hope it doesn’t get too cold to sit outside before you make friends.

8. The new school colors are so garish that they make you feel uncomfortable. And everyone wears them. All the time. Because to these people, high school is the bestest time of their lives!

9. Everyone expects you to understand their school lingo because you’re a senior. Obviously the concept of a transfer student is beyond them. What on earth do you mean when you say “Senior Exemptions”?

10. Your new mascot is an Imp. This means soooo many bad spirit puns... “Impin’ ain’t easy!” “Gang Green, you’ve been Imphected!” “IMPressive work!” That little green dude with the pitchfork is truly frightening.

11. Your accent sticks out like a sore thumb. And of course you don't have a cute accent like little the Pretty Ginger Foreign Exchange Student. Here comes more staring...

12. Graduation requirements do NOT line up. This means you must take an Honors Earth Science class full of freshmen. Tiny, bouncy, freshmen. The same freshmen who assume you are also a freshman.

13. Residency for in-state tuition is something that no longer exists for you. College applications don’t like accepting that you aren’t a resident of their state, but you aren’t a resident of any other state. This could get complicated...

14. And finally, if and when you do eventually make some friends, don’t get too attached, college is right around the corner, and you’ll have to start the harrowing process of trying to make brand new friends ALL OVER AGAIN.

Can you think of any worse time to move than senior year?!

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