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Why Saying "I Like Swimming" Is an Understatement

Why Saying "I Like Swimming" Is an Understatement

Phew! Kathleen's post has us convinced that pools are safe again—we were a little worried we'd have to cancel the annual SparkNotes pool party, held in December. —Sparkitors

After reading HolyCereal!'s post against swimming, I was shocked. I was appalled. I was wondering if this Sparkler's sarcasm hand was raised so high in the air it was tickling Jupiter's feet. Because really...

  1. Swimming is not fancy running. Take it from me, guys. My feet turn out sideways, causing "poor motor technique" and "severe muscle imbalance" according to my physical therapist. Therefore, I have major troubles running. I work twice as hard to get to the same place in twice the time when I run. Swimming is the only sport I can do without feeding into all that bad stuff. Swimming improves coordination, core, arm, shoulder, and leg strength all at the same time. Not many other sports/work-out routines can say the same.
  2. You stay cool the whole time. Because you're underwater most of the time, you don't have room to sweat. Can running, basketball, volleyball, football, or soccer do that? No.
  3. It's relaxing. After you get into a routine, it's second nature. You can let your thoughts wander, without fearing you'll score a goal for the other team on accident. If you're a writer/actor/singer/student, you can think of opening sentences for your newest novel/soliloquy/song/essay on why Pokemon reminds you of evolution.
  4. You are not almost naked. There are lots of different styles of swimsuits, some more modest than others. Find one you like and rock it, Sparklers! Besides, in volleyball, for example, you wear tight tank tops and smaller-than-booty-shorts black spandex. Girls at my school call said shorts Spankies. 'Nuff said.
  5. It's actually pretty sanitary. The pool I swim in doesn't allow people who have been sick in the past two weeks in the water and do daily checks on the chlorine levels. Which leads me to my next point...
  6. Chlorinated pools are clean pools. Every pool has to have salt or chlorine in it to keep it fit for swimming. Management keeps the right amount of either in the pool to make sure it's still very clean and safe. Some pools even have everyone get out so lifeguards can see if little kids have pooped or peed in it.

Are you convinced? Are pools safe, or are they evil pits of bacteria-infected baby pee?

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