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On Being Incredibly Busy (But Still Playing Pottermore)

On Being Incredibly Busy (But Still Playing Pottermore)

Laura, aka rosefan42, is counting down her admission to Yale with the most hectic and stressful-sounding schedule we've ever seen. —Sparkitors

I don’t quite know how this has happened, but it seems I will be EVEN BUSIER this year than last. Considering I’ll have applications, exams, and interviews to deal with on top of a heavier workload at school, I am coming fairly close to locking myself in the attic with a bumper-size bag of cheese puffs and my prized collection of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. DVD box sets.

Hey, hey, don’t look at me like that! I know school doesn’t even start yet for another week! I know my workload is light compared to what I’ll be facing at University! I know there are thousands of under-educated children on MARS who would LOVE to LEARN things and…

I’m sorry. I get overly dramatic about these things. But I think you would too, with my 2011/12 diary looming over you like a big looming thing that looms. Don't believe me? Take a look...

September 2011

  1. Exams: Revise for the SAT. Do at least one full practise test every week.
  2. UK Applications: Decide between either English or Maths. Write personal statement for said subject.
  3. US Applications: Start on personal essays. Ask teachers to start recommendations.
  4. Drama: Audition for school production of Company and start weekly rehearsals. Learn five monologues for drama school auditions. Yes, drama school. I know the chances of getting in straight out of high school are incredibly slim, but I also know that I'd always beat myself up for it if I didn't even give it a go.
  5. Students' Union: Speak at the roughly seven billion freshers' events. Book two Fresher's Nights and sell tickets.
  6. Other stuff: Watch Doctor Who. Watch Torchwood. Watch Outnumbered. Get Pottermore email—YES PLEASE. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, PLEASE—and waste several days completing the whole thing and gaining House Points for Gryffindor. Turn 18.


  1. Exams: Take the SAT. Study for either the Literature Exam (for English Universities) or the Oxford Maths Entrance Exam.
  2. UK Applications: Finish everything QUICKLY and send off the online UCAS application. This needs to happen before the 15th.
  3. US Applications: Finish personal essays and online applications for CommonApp and financial aid. Get teachers to upload recommendations.
  4. Drama: Usher and act as front of house for my amateur theater company's production of Humble House. Start rehearsals with said amateur theater company's production of The Graduate. Continue rehearsals for school production of Company. Go to first round of auditions for drama schools.
  5. Students' Union: Hold Freshers' Nights and attempt to reign in the drunkenness while also collecting for charity.
  6. Other Stuff: Have an 18th birthday party that will totally rock. Also attempt to meet up with The Situation, who is now studying in London.


  1. Exams: Take either the Literature or Maths Exam for University applications.
  2. UK Applications: Endure BLINDING TERROR AND ANXIETY as I wait.
  3. US Applications: Have EVERYTHING sent to Yale by the 1st. Start on supplements for other colleges.
  4. Drama: Continue rehearsing for Company and The Graduate. Start learning monologues for fabled second round of drama school auditions.
  5. Students' Union: Attend regional conference of the National Union of Students. Report back to Principal and staff, and hold a Student Parliament to discuss the event with the whole school. Start booking Christmas Ball.
  6. Other Stuff: Attend Gala dinner in London to conclude the Science Day Award Internship in Paris that I am still being infuriatingly vague about. Begin contemplating Christmas presents.


  1. Exams: But start revising in a low-key kind of way for the IB Finals.
  2. UK Applications: Go to up to five different interviews.
  3. US Applications: Finish up supplements for other colleges. Send everything off BEFORE winter break.
  4. Drama: Rehearse and perform Company and continue rehearsing The Graduate. Maybe attend some second-round drama school auditions.
  5. Students' Union: Attend Christmas Ball, again attempting to reign in the drunkenness (despite the fact that it is a no-alcohol event), and raise money for charity.
  6. Other Stuff: Christmas! DOCTOR WHO CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!

January 2012

  1. Exams: Continue revising.
  2. UK Applications: Start to hear back from some Universities—Oxford for sure, and hopefully a couple of the others.
  3. US Applications: Hear back from Yale!
  4. Drama: Rehearse and perform The Graduate. Audition for one-act play that will be taken to festivals and competitions. Begin choosing and rehearsing monologues for LAMDA Acting Silver Medal. Also, if I am LUDICROUSLY lucky, practise for more drama school auditions.
  5. Students' Union: A relatively quiet month, although we do have to be around for AS and A Level exam times to help organise things.
  6. Other Stuff: Nothing. Nada. Zilch.


  1. Exams: Still revising for IB Finals.
  2. UK Applications: Continue to hear back from Universities. Start making decisions about where to go.
  3. US Applications: Nothing.
  4. Drama: Rehearse for the one-act play. Practise for LAMDA. And, you got it: possibly go to some more drama school auditions.
  5. Students' Union: Start organising the applications for next year's executive, including promoting the process, group interviews and discussions with staff about the candidates.  Also organise a Valentine's Day event to raise money for charity.
  6. Other Stuff: Um, it's Valentine's... So I guess there'd be something fun there? *girlish giggle*


  1. Exams: Seriously start revising. Have all CAS, ToK and coursework essays finished, marked and signed off. I also expect a BUCKETLOAD of class—and homework as teachers rush to cram in the whole syllabus before Easter.
  2. UK Applications: Continue to hear back from Universities. Continue to HAVE NO CLUE over which one to pick.
  3. US Applications: Nothing.
  4. Drama: Take the one-act play to first round of competitions and perform. Hope to get through to the next round! Continue to practise for the LAMDA exam and continue to pray for another recall.
  5. Students' Union: Attend national conference of the National Union of Students. Report back to the Principal and staff. Hold Student Parliament to let student body know what happened. Also organise elections for next year's executive.
  6. Other Stuff: Begin eagerly awaiting the return of Doctor Who. Also, get Chamber of Secrets on Pottermore!


  1. Exams: Oh. My. God. There will be a lot of revision.
  2. US Applications: Hear back from everywhere, including Yale if I was wait-listed in January. Make a decision based on number of acceptances and financial offers.
  3. UK Applications: Make a final decision based on (a) Do I get to go to the US and (b) If not, where do I go here?
  4. Drama: Possibly take one-act play to more festivals. Audition for major summer production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Cry tears of happiness if cast as Hermia or Puck.
  5. Students' Union: Book and organise the Summer Ball. Hold elections and announce the new executive. Organise some induction events and handing-over sessions to make sure they don't screw EVERYTHING up next year.
  6. Other Stuff: Still watching Doctor Who...Still playing Pottermore...


  2. US Applications: If I can, enroll at college of choice and begin doing all the paperwork.
  3. UK Applications: If I decide to go to University here, make my final decision and notify UCAS of my Firm and Insurance places--basically, you enroll at two universities: Your favourite one, and a back-up place in case your exam results go worse than you expected.
  4. Drama: Take LAMDA exam. Rehearse A Midsummer Night's Dream. Continue to maybe go to drama schools, although this is HIGHLY UNLIKELY.
  5. Students' Union: Organise the official hand-over day. Attend Summer Ball as a GUEST and do not have to worry about Anything. At. All.
  6. Other Stuff: Celebrate new-found freedom by going to the beach a lot, going to London and exploring a lot, watching a lot of TV, playing Pottermore ALLL DAAAY and possibly going on holiday TO THE ARCTIC with my grandma because she is awesome and has been promising me this holiday since I was 10.


  1. Exams: None! None at all!
  2. US Applications: All done! Nothing to worry about!
  3. UK Applications: All done! Nothing to worry about!
  4. Drama: Continue to rehearse A Midsummer Night's Dream and—in the dream world situation of getting through this many rounds—await results from drama schools.
  5. Students' Union: All done! Not my job any more!
  6. *insert montage of fun summer activities here*


  1. Drama: Rehearse and perform A Midsummer Night's Dream in the gorgeous outdoor theater space in a lovely old stately home. Cry tears of joy for weeks if any drama school happened to accept me. Ring up any and all universities and colleges and tell them I have “other plans.”
  2. Other Stuff: *insert montage of fun summer activities here*



That was kind of therapeutic. Seeing all those long list of tasks gradually all fade away into “Summer fun!” has made me look forward to this year a little more. After all, it's better to be busy than bored, right?

Right, I'm going to bed before either one of you comes up with another brilliant plan that will get us all KILLED. Or even worse, expelled. . Tomorrow's a busy day! And the day after that. And the day after that. And the day after that. And the day after…

A NOTE ABOUT SHOUT-OUTS: I know I've said this in every post for the last couple of weeks/months, but I am finally going back through the old posts now and replying to every comment. Every. Single. One. So if you had a burning question, keep a look out! And next week, I'll be answering your questions in-post again, so keep them coming.

And because I am a shameless self-publicist–or because I actually love talking to new friends and getting to know them–you should check out my tumblr (warning: some occasional profanity. And some incessant fangirling).

Laura :) x

What would you do to de-stress if you had Laura's schedule?

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