Life According to the Ladies Man

 Life According to the Ladies Man

TanTantheLadiesMan has it all figured out. He's like a teenage, metaphor-obsessed version of Gandhi.—Sparkitors

I like lists. I like them so much that I'm tempted to give you a list of why I like lists, but I think that’d be overkill. I make lists all the time; most are unimportant, like “Five Reasons I Regret Eating 17 Pounds of Bacon for Breakfast,”  but some are earth-shattering. "Ten Awesome Facebook Statuses That Will Automatically Get Ladies to Fall For You," for example—ok, maybe that one is still in progress (my mother told me that “I just showered for the first time in a week” isn't a good one). However, I did actually come up with a list I think is pretty decent; it’s five things that we all need to accept and enjoy about life. Of course, this is my own philosophical interpretation, so there are some that you will probably disagree with. If you want to argue with me, please, do it by angrily shipping muffin baskets to my house (just poppyseed, though; all other muffins are inferior).

1. Everyone is different, but equal. My favorite analogy to this is math (ewww, I know, right?). 2+2=4, and 5-1=4 (hopefully, or I really need to go back to school). Although both problems involve different operations and numbers, in the end, they are both equal. So no matter what someone’s career, financial situation, race, gender, age, political ideology, or anything else is, even if it’s different from yours, that doesn’t mean you’re any better than they are or that they’re better than you are. All that matters is, that in the end, we’re all human beings and need to respect one another.

2. Gardens require care and effort to grow. If you want something good to happen, you're going to have to put some work in. So whether you want to develop a relationship with your crush or write a novel, you're going to have to put in time, energy, and love if you want to see results.

3. No rain, no rainbows. Although I took this saying from a commercial, it’s become a personal mantra of mine. And that’s because it’s true. Sometimes we have to deal with crappy stuff in order to see the beauty of life. So when you're in a tough situation, keep your chin up; you never know when the sun might start shining again.

4. Pursue spiritual nourishment. Call it whatever you want: philosophical enlightenment, mental and emotional growth, deep thinking, pondering the world. I believe that your spirit (or for those among us who aren’t comfortable with that term, the philosophical part of our minds that wonders how the universe works) needs nourishment just as much as your mind and body.  So once in a while, read a challenging book or get into a heated (but civil!) debate—just make sure you're thinking deeper than “What am I gonna have for lunch today?”

5. You suck at something. Ok, that may be a little harsh—but you need to realize that you have weaknesses (we all do). But with that realization should come an effort to change; you need to do your best to make those weaknesses into strengths. So if you aren’t the best public speaker, take a class that will help you improve. Life is about positive progress and becoming the best version of yourself.

Well my friends, this list could be a lot more extensive, but I’m going to keep it to these five for now. Maybe later I’ll post some more things that I’ve realized about life (depends on how many angry muffin baskets I get). For now, I just hope that some of these ring true for you!

Lady Advice: Most girls like a man who can think deeply and hold an intelligent conversation.

What have you learned about life so far? Do you have any mantras to live by?

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