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So Many College Clubs, So Little Time!

So Many College Clubs, So Little Time!

LadyM is starting university in Canada soon—and she needs your help to narrow down her endless extracurricular options!—Sparkitors

The fact that my actual name (Megann) starts with an "M" is a just a happy coincidence, because that had very little to do with the creation of my SparkLife username. Rather, it's an homage to my love for theater (including the superstitions) and for my admiration of one Lady Macbeth (fun fact: did you know that her first name was Gruoch?). No, I don't admire the regicidal maniac or the manipulative bee-otch (well, maybe a little); I just like that she's a woman of action. She picks a path and sticks to it, morality be damned.

I was hoping that some of her assertiveness would rub off on my. The real Lady M was Queen of Scotland. I'm just Queen of the Indecisive. I haven't even arrived at school and I have more extracurriculars on my plate than I can possibly handle. I want to do everything. And, guaranteed, when I get there, I'll add 5 more to the list. I've already wheedled away many interesting and worthwhile choices —deathly difficult decisions.

Sparklers, this is my appeal to you for help. What should I do? How much can a girl reasonably balance? So far, the top contenders are:

King’s Theatrical Society: I love theater. There's nothing better than making up for my lack of aptitude in performance by surrounding myself by talented people. Except for when I get to boss the talented people around—that's a little better. I'm a good stage manager. I even interned at our local theater. Apparently KTS is the largest per capita theater society in North America, but the winningest thing is their reason for existence. "Why? ‘Cause plays are fun!"

Young Alexandria Society: As a female, I'm automatically a member of this one. It exists to raise money and awareness for charity. Charity is a good thing on account of charity being a good thing... and it probably looks stellar on resumes and graduate school applications. How's that for thinking ahead?

Haliburton Society: This one joins the superlatives on the list by being the oldest literature society in North America. I like books. But I have a ton of reading to do already. The question is, do I have the time/inclination to squeeze in some Canadian literature between Darwin and Nietzsche (fun fact: I did a large project on him last year and still can't spell his name)?

The Fencing Club: I've never touched a foil in my life. I'm not athletic and extremely clumsy. So it seems ill-advised to let me near pointy objects. Still, I can't shake that desire to party like it's 1599.

The Scrabble Society: I love Scrabble—especially the way I play it, hich is without rules and without scorekeeping. Basically I sit on the floor and make words with my tiles. So I'm not sure that I'd adapt well to a more competitive environment playing against people who have a more extensive vocabulary than my 13-year old sister.

The Outdoor Pursuit Society: Despite living in the middle of Bumblefrak, Nowhere, I am not an outdoorsy person. Picnics mean ants. Camping is slow torture. So, on the surface, this doesn't seem like something I would like at all. Beneath the surface, it still doesn't seem like something that I would like. Now I'm wondering why it was on my list in the first place. Sightseeing?

WUSC King’s: An organization dedicated to helping refugees come to King's. Sounds pretty worthwhile, and I bet that I'd meet some people with interesting stories.

PRIDE: I joined my high school Gay Straight Alliance to support one of my good friends. I ended up meeting lots of great people and having a good time. I'm sure that I'd meet more great people here, but my connection to the GSA has gone. I do feel strongly about LGBT rights. So it's definitely an option. (Note: check out this website if you're interested in spending 2 minutes to support LGBT issues. So easy, and an amazing cause).

Quintilian Society: Ah, debate team. I'm not competitive and public speaking terrifies me. But as somebody considering a career in law, I should also consider getting over that. If it truly is an "informal" debate society, it could be a great forum for discussion and learning to see new sides of issues. On to other hand, it's advertized as "a hot bed for hotheads who want to get their point across." Hotheads scare me.

The Social Justice Zine: If I do decide to go the lawyer route, at this moment, human rights law seems the most appealing. If I become a human rights lawyer, I should probably have some idea about what social justice is. Hence my interest.

The Zine: Yet another writing forum. But with SparkLife and the 17 other Zines on this list, is it really filling a gap?

The Philistine: This is the  ironically named creative publication. I have enough stories and poems archived to contribute indefinitely, but wouldn't it be great to be a part of their executive council? I'm a better editor than I am a writer, and I like to think that I have an eye for quality material [insert mandatory Twilight jab here. ]

So, reader, chime in. Give an opinion, even if that opinion is "Make up your own frakking mind, Megann." Help me decide the fate of my life for the next four years!

(P.S. Feel free to congratulate me on working in references to Shakespeare, Twilight, and Battlestar Galactica in the same post. Yeah, it's impressive,)

(P.P.S. Just so that you all know that not all of my references are fictional, and that I do know about things that happen in the real world, I was going to tell a humorous story about a friend who knows nothing about Canadian politics. But the hilarity would be lost on the Sparkers who know nothing about Canadian politics. As somebody who paid close attention to her attractive and good-smelling politics teacher last year, it is a story that made me facepalm.)

What clubs do you think Megann should join? Are you considering joining any clubs in college?

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