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Doctor Who: Paradoxes and Plot Holes

Doctor Who: Paradoxes and Plot Holes

TheaterAddict, admit it already. You're a total Whovian! –Sparkitors

Episode Seven: The Long Game

This is the first episode where Rose seems to know what she’s doing, as she shows fellow traveler Adam (a guy the Doctor’s not too fond of) around the TARDIS. In an effort to get rid of Adam, the Doctor hands him some alien money and tells him to figure stuff out on his own instead of asking stupid questions. Cruel, but funny.

Rose is nicer, showing Adam how to call his family through time and space using…wait for it…a cell phone. I admit to not knowing tons about technology, but shouldn’t this be… er… impossible? Adam whines more about how weird their destination is, and Rose gives him the TARDIS key. Ominous music plays as he walks away. Yep, I’m thinking handing him the key to the only way out of there is a bad idea.

Meanwhile, the Doctor and Rose are trying to save people with memory chips implanted in their brains, which force them to act like computers. Now they have to defeat what I’m assuming will be another alien intent on taking over the human race!

And… I was right. Because Rose and the Doctor don’t have microchips implanted in their heads, the evil alien doesn’t know who they are, and they seem to hold the upper hand…until they learn that Adam willingly underwent brain surgery, getting a microchip in his forehead that literally activates in a snap, allowing the alien to extract information about Rose and the Doctor. But before the monster can crush them, some formerly oppressed girl enters some codes that makes the alien explode like an aerosol can in a microwave. It’s not pretty.

I am so, so happy the Doctor dropped Adam like the stupid flaming hot potato that he is. His craving for knowledge and advanced technology almost killed them all. Rose deserves better than that.

Quote of the Episode:

Doctor: I guess it’s just you and me then.
Rose: Yup.
Doctor: Good.

I know this is covered in cheese up to the eyeballs, but it’s cute, so quit rolling your eyes!

Episode Eight: Father’s Day
(Warning: This episode made me cry.)

Rose’s father passed away when she was a baby, so she begs the Doctor to travel back to when her Dad died so she can be with him at the end. I hope that Rose is prepared to handle this emotionally, I probably couldn’t watch my dad die just like that without losing my sanity. And (the Doctor should've seen this coming) Rose, being the IMPULSIVE MANIAC that she is, pushes her father away from the car destined to hit him, saving his life. Also, she runs in front of herself from the past. I’m sensing this is very, very bad.

The Doctor pretty much blows up at Rose, accusing her of using him to save her dad. I think this is the most serious fight between Rose and the Doctor yet. He storms off in a rage to find the TARDIS. Which isn’t there. The Doctor, realizing that something bad is going on here, turns around to find Rose—and learns that vulture-like creatures have Rose (present and past versions), her parents, and other random people all trapped in a church.

I like this scene, I really do. Rose bonds with her dad, and apologizes to the Doctor. Everything is going okay—until some genius hands baby Rose to grown-up Rose, which creates a paradox. The vulture-like creatures are there to correct it—by killing everybody inside it! One of them swoops in and kills the Doctor, and the TARDIS vanishes… again.

Everything looks grim, until Rose’s dad realizes he has to die like he was meant to: only then will things return to normal. He sacrifices himself, and the paradox is repaired. I admit that, as Rose clung to her father’s body as he died, tears sprang up from nowhere. My dear Sparklers, I cried.

Oh yeah, and the Doctor comes back to life. I think that’s a sort of important detail.

I still don’t know why Rose saving her dad would cause so much trouble. I mean, the Doctor travels through time and space regularly, and we never see the vulture guys taking over the world. It seems like the rules aren’t quite consistent, unless I’m missing something.

Episode 9: The Empty Child

This episode is the shiz. And by "the shiz" I mean "fantastically creepy." The TARDIS takes the characters to London during the Blitz, and the episode starts with Rose seeing a kid standing on a roof wearing a gas mask. Creepiest kid I’ve ever seen. The Doctor is busy investigating, so Rose checks it out alone—and the gas mask kid cries out for his “mummy” in a way that sends shivers down my back.

Meanwhile, on the TARDIS rings, the Doctor receives a creepy phone call—from a child crying for its mummy.

Back to Rose. The good news: she tries to rescue him by climbing up a conveniently placed rope. Bad news: Rose doesn’t bother looking up to see what the bloody rope is connected to. I’m sorry, Rose really is growing on me, but just when I start to like her, she goes and does something like this. The rope, it turns out, is attached to a giant blimp. She holds on for as long as she can, until she finally slips and plummets to her death! Just kidding. She’s saved by a tractor beam and falls right into the arms of Tall, Dark, and Handsome. Well, his name is Captain Jack, but… details, details.

The Doctor busts some orphans breaking into an abandoned house, and he learns that they're terrified of the gas mask kid, who has superpowers: he can make phones ring and random objects play. The gas mask kid starts trying to get in, and Wendy, leader of the orphans, tells the Doctor not to mess with the kid. And because he never listens, and in an incredibly dramatic fashion, the Doctor OPENS THE DOOR...and gas mask is gone.

Rose and Captain Jack are, sadly, flirting it up. Quit it, Rose belongs with the Doctor! Shut up, he’s not too old for her! I wonder if the Doctor will be angry when he figures out she’s been wasting time with this scoundrel. Rose is already slightly intoxicated, and dancing with a smooth-talking stranger that she has known for under an hour.

Meanwhile, the Doctor asks Wendy to help him with the gas mask kid. Wendy tells him that gas mask apparently fell from the sky, and tells him he should speak to…the doctor. Yes. The Doctor is advised to speak to the doctor. He looks almost as confused about this as I do, but he shrugs and follows her.

They enter the doctor’s house (stay with me here), where there's a whole group of gas mask kids, whose masks are seared to their flesh. They aren't dead, but have some sort of disease that spreads on contact. The doctor then turns into a gas mask freak, and tells the Doctor (before it's too late), that Wendy knows more then she’s letting on.

Rose, Jack, and the Doctor meet up to try to figure out what’s up with the gas mask kids, when they're suddenly attacked. And...cliffhanger.

Are you going to download episode 10 just to see what happens next?

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