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My Roommate Hates Me!

My Roommate Hates Me!

This is Faye's FINAL POST! (OR IS IT.) —Sparkitors

Everybody PANIC!!!! I’m done blogging the Naked Roommate!!!! AHHH!!!

Oh…and I'm about to leave for college.

Am I packed? Haha, no. Have I even finished getting everything I need? Nope. Should that make me worried? Uhh, yeah a little bit.

But mostly I’m worried about the fact that MY ROOMMATE HATES ME!

Ok, so that might not be true. Here’s the story:

I emailed my roommate about a month ago. (This was actually my second roommate, by the way. There was a different person assigned to be my roommate in June, but when I checked back in July, that roommate was replaced with my current roommate. I don‘t know what happened to the first girl, but I like to think it was something awesome, like she was recruited by the government for a top secret mission that required her to change her name and move to Timbuktu.) After writing a long email in which I listed everything we needed to decide on—who’s bringing the refrigerator, microwave, television, etc. I read the email to my mom. She said I sounded bossy. I deleted everything I wrote and sent a simple: “Hi, I’m your roommate. We should figure out who’s bringing what, so email me back or find me on Facebook so we can talk.” And then…nothing. No email back, no friend request, no response.

So I’ve drawn three logical conclusions. 1) My roommate has a strong hatred for all people named Faye. 2) My roommate lives in Timbuktu, where she doesn’t have internet access, so she never got my email. Or 3) My roommate just doesn’t check her email.

I guess I’ll find out which is right in two days.

That was an exceptionally long digression, back to the book. Chapter 14 is the shortest chapter, only 2 tips long, and one of those tips is a “Create your own” so it doesn’t even count. (Although that’s your challenge today: Come up with one thing you wish “College Freshman You” had known, or “High School Freshman You” had known if you’re not in college yet and leave it in the comments. Mine: Never order the spaghetti from the cafeteria.) The important tip is: Live without regrets. And that doesn’t just apply to college, but life in general. When making a decision, ask yourself, “Is this the right choice for me?” and then follow through with whatever you choose and don’t look back.


So here’s my review of the Naked Roommate by Harlan Cohen: It was a tad too long, not exactly a page turner, I neither laughed nor cried, and I might have dozed off in the middle of Chapter 7. Basically the same review I gave for Tale of Two Cities.

Would I recommend this book to other people? Absolutely! Ignore my review, I just like being overly critical. This book was packed full of good advice. While talking to my friends about what worried us about college, I brought up something this book said at least four times. It’s not a thrilling, can’t put this down read, but for a “Going-To-College Book,” it’s #1 (According to the sticker on the cover). And I’m not one to argue with stickers.

Now off to college, WOO! I picked up my baby cactus today. A sticker told me his name is Mammilaria Spinosissima, and I intend to use his full name whenever I address him. Although since I don’t normally talk to plants, that shouldn’t be that often.

Anyway, wish me luck!

Faye :)

Should NBK Faye keep writing? We want to know what happens with the roommate! Show your support for Faye in the comments, and let's see if we can convince her to keep the column alive.

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