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We Want to See Your Total Image Makeover!

We Want to See Your Total Image Makeover!

The best part about going back to school is seeing the makeovers people gave themselves over the summer. The emo kid turned preppy, the mopey goth is now a field hockey jock, and that skinny WoW dork has somehow become Armie Hammer.

Have you ever transformed your image? If so, we demand to see the photographic proof!

If you need a little inspiration, check out these pics of our very own Sparkler Anna.

Hey I'm InsaneRunningChick312 or Anna and here's my makeover pictures. Hope you like(:

Well I lost some weight, never had a tan, learned how to put on makeup (involves slamming my face into a box of eyeshadow) and got an amazing straightener, lost the braces (and the boobs when I started running)!


All we can say is 1) We're consumed with fiery jealousy over your dimples, teeth, bangs, and skin, and 2) What straightener do you use, woman?? The world must know!

What do you think of Anna's makeover?

Share your image makeover pics with your fellow Sparklers—send them to!

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