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Batman 3 Anxiety

Batman 3 Anxiety

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Is anyone else worried about The Dark Knight Rises? Christopher Nolan’s previous Batman films have been superhero movie masterpieces of suspense, drama, action, and heroics. The Dark Knight is one of the best movies of the decade. Christopher Nolan has proven himself as a filmmaker every single time he’s made a movie. Hell, even The Prestige was a fun, interesting flick. And despite some gripes about the lack of bulletproof vests, Inception is a beautiful mind twister.

And yet here were are, staring at the leaked images and trailer for The Dark Knight Rises with facial expressions usually reserved for looking at goldfish in a dentist office. We’re not smiling. We’re just kind of…meh.

But it didn’t start out “meh,” and we’re hoping it won’t end that way either. It began with the rumors. We wrote up some goofy ones, but all Batman rumors were fun. Would Johnny Depp play The Riddler? Was it true that Philip Seymour Hoffman was going to portray The Penguin?! We couldn’t get enough of the hype!

Most, if not all, of the rumors proved false. Nolan revealed that the film’s baddie would be a lesser-known villain called Bane. In the comic books, Bane broke Batman’s back. He’s a big, strong muscle man who wears a wrestling mask. He's an odd choice for Nolan’s third (and final) Batman film. But still, we nodded with excitement and whispered, “Nolan will make it work. He’s so gifted and nice!” Here’s a pic of brilliant actor Tom Hardy as the thuggish brute.

Things became more interesting when news leaked that Nolan was looking for two, count ‘em, two female actresses to play significant roles in the movie. Batman needs a love interest, and since his last lady friend got blowed up real good, he’s back on the market. But who would these ladies be portraying?

Despite pleads to Hollywood, Santa Claus, and the Genie we keep in the basement, these actresses would NOT be taking up the role of Harley Quinn. And that just sucks. That sucks. It sucks. It sucks. It sucks.


Introduced in the Batman cartoon as the Joker’s only henchwoman, Quinn is equal parts Bellatrix Lestrange and Betty Boop. She’s a fun-loving maniac who goes to great lengths to please her beloved Mr. J.

Sure, the Joker is out of the picture in the movie world of Batman, but surely the Quinn character could fit in nicely as a psychologist who first studies and then becomes obsessed with The Joker and his philosophy. After a slow-burning first act, she would break out of the Joker’s shadow and take up her own crusade against humanity. Emma Stone or some talented unknown actress could have played her.

It would have been awesome!

Sadly, Harley Quinn will not appear in the movie. Instead we get Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, which sounds cool at first, but then you take a peek at this photo of Anne Hathaway as the infamous cat burglar, and you fall asleep.

The other female lead is Marion Cottillard (Mal from Inception), who will (probably) be playing Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter form the first film, and we almost yawned while typing that. Click here to see her on the set of the movie.

The poster for the movie gave us a sense of hope. The decaying ruins of Gotham made for a stark, simple design. Plus, you'll notice that nowhere does it say "3D." That's a plus.

The first teaser trailer, however, left us feeling double-bored. Thirty seconds of Commissioner Gordon mumbling in a hospital bed is not what we expected. No offense, Sirius Black.

The movie won’t come out until next year—they’re still filming in Pittsburgh as we post this—and chances are Nolan has a few tricks left up his sleeve. For one, we know Joseph Gordon Levitt is in the movie playing a young cop. That could be interesting. And of course Batman is still Batman. You could place him in a puppy store and arm him with nothing but cupcakes, and it would still be an enjoyable movie.

Still, how cool would it have been if Harley Quinn showed up…with Doc Brown from Back to the Future…riding the shark from Jaws…

Are you nervous about Batman 3?

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