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Orange Hair, Secret Identities, and Ear Training: Camp Electric Part 3!

Orange Hair, Secret Identities, and Ear Training: Camp Electric Part 3!

Metalhead865 wraps up his stay at camp; we're dying to know if  he met any great girls!—Sparkitors

Planet Electric: Day 1 (July 17)
11:30 PM (Central)
Location: Dorm
I am so freaking tired. But man, what an awesome night. First of all, I've learned Electra's secret identity (real name withheld to protect identity) and got to hang out with her for the whole night. Turns out she has a full-on recording studio in her house. Yes, IN HER HOUSE. She's been recording local artists and her own songs for four years.

And I got her number.

Anyway, dinner was pretty good, if somewhat of a letdown compared to the whirlwind of the previous few hours. Then I headed over to the concert hall for what turned out to be an AMAZING night. First our in-house worship band, The Museum, played us a few songs, then cleared out to make room for Kutless. You may have heard of them; they're the hardest-rocking worship band I've ever seen, and they basically brought the hall/club/whatever-you-call it down. The guitars were pumping, the drums were banging, and the lyrics were super catchy. And the whole time, I was standing on a chair because of the six-foot-tall jerk in front of me. (He wasn't really a jerk, just frustratingly tall.)

After Kutless finally finished their set, they cleared out and we had five minutes to relax. Then TobyMac took the stage, and he took it DOWN. The guy can do anything—his group did some hard rock, jazz, hip-hop, dance, and funk, all within the first 15 minutes of the concert. I'm like 0_o.

At one point, Toby told his DJ (DJ Maj) to give the dubsteppers in the crowd something to like while he took a break. And after the bass drops ended, Toby popped up in the middle of the audience—in my row. I was so psyched! He and his guitarist Tim played us a few acoustic songs, including "Pants On The Ground" and a quick rendition of Rebecca Black's "Friday" that had the audience laughing like crazy. When he was done, we crowd-surfed him back onto the stage for a few more songs, and then it was time to go.

I didn't get in the autograph line in time to get to talk to Toby, but I hear he'll be here all week, so, awesome. See ya tomorrow.

Day 2 (July 18)
5:57 PM (Central)
Location: The Cube (snack bar @ the concert hall)
Mood: Pooped. Out.

Whew! I definitely got my share of exercise today between carrying this guitar (it's really heavy) across campus and getting caught in a freaking MONSOON. It's raining crazy hard right now.

So anyway, camp. Electra has become my CE teammate—so far, we've done whatever we can together. Morning worship was as entertaining as I remember from last year (thanks to camp pastor John Nix), and then we broke up into our instrument groups. Not really as fun as having the heavy metal guitar group leaders from LAST year, but it was a nice breather before lunch. Chris Tomlin's guitarist taught us about his gear and answered a few questions.

Then lunch, then a lesson on how to perform onstage from Tom Jackson, then the afternoon mini-concert (more hanging out with Electra). Funk rock band Royal Tailor played a quick set and freaking KILLED IT. Their lead singer has an amazing voice, and he did backflips. Yes, backflips. There wasn't a single person there who wasn't jumping, singing, or waving their hands in the air.

Good thing that was fun, because my first guitar class was a downer. Our teacher, a session guitarist, had everyone else interested in "ear training" but I was bored out of my mind. 4:20 couldn't come soon enough. I had some dinner, and then on my way to the concert hall, BOOM, the Lord opens up the clouds and it starts raining like crazy. I mean monsoon crazy. I was lucky to stay as dry as I did.

Some girls just walked up to me and asked if I was writing a song in this notebook—that definitely made me smile. I'll get back to you guys after the Sanctus Real concert tonight...hope they rock hard enough for us. Later.

(Post-camp note: Thank you guys for reading these! Camp was a great experience, and I made some awesome friends that I'm still Facebooking with. TTFN!)

HE GOT A GIRL'S NUMMMBBEERRRR! We're marking Camp Electric down as a victory.

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