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A Disaster in Juliet's Bed

A Disaster in Juliet's Bed

It's cool that we LOLed through all of these theater mishaps, right? Thanks for making our day, strangeNilikeit! —Sparkitors

I haven't slept in a bed for three days... and it will be eleven more days of cramming myself into a tent and collapsing on the floor before I return to the luxury of a mattress.

Why, you ask? Because Traveling Troupe Tour has officially started. We sleep in tents rather than hotels because we take our "great theater in the great outdoors" slogan seriously. Also because tents are a lot cheaper.

We also don't have computers or Internet, which is why I am typing this post on an iPhone and why Emily's editing job is going to be a bit harder than usual.

But now the fun part.

Our opening night was kind of disastrous, probably because it was also our dress rehearsal, or maybe because it was 90 degrees, and we were all wearing long sleeved, renaissance-y costumes (a couple of which are made of fun materials like velvet and corduroy).

Combine all of that with the fact that we were performing for an audience of fifty epileptic kids—at a summer camp run by the national children's hospital—and you've got a recipe for disaster.

It went alright until a kid in the audience had a seizure during the balcony scene. (The counselors had told us to just keep going in the event of this.) A second kid faked a seizure during intermission, presumably to get out of having to watch us for another hour.

I can't quite blame them. The second half of the show was a fiasco. For example, in the scene before Juliet drinks the potion and fakes her death, Arthur and I (the Capulet parents) have a scene with all of the servants in which we all run in and out with fun props like wine bottles, platters of fake food, logs, and a chain of sausage links. Unfortunately, we neglected to designate who was supposed to bring all of this offstage. When Sunny came on stage to do her dramatic soliloquy, there were sausages in her bed.

At the beginning of the next scene, when Bruce (Tybalt) and I came onstage to set up the tomb, his grave was covered in so much fake fruit that it looked like a buffet table.

I think this is the point when I started swearing loudly in full view/earshot of the audience.

Since then, we've performed twice more, and things have gone much better. Today we're taking a day off to go cliff jumping/swimming at a place called Panther Falls.

Our next stop is Douthat State Park. If any of you sparklers live in Virginia, Maryland or DC, you are cordially invited to come see us at one of our five remaining performances. (For more info, go to and click on "performances.")

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Have you ever been involved in an on-stage disaster?

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