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Identifying the ACTUAL Teenage Girl

Identifying the ACTUAL Teenage Girl

TaylorKinsley takes on monicarima's tongue-in-cheek post with this hilarious rebuttal!—Sparkitors

There's been a bit of controversy lately over what defines a typical teenage girl. Being a teenage girl, I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring. Of course, being a teenage girl, it was thrown in a very girlish, giggly way, and only to attract the attention of those hot boys over there. (Just kidding. I can throw like a boss.)

The teenage girl has friends. They may or may not make up code names for boys they like. They may or may not giggle at things which may or may not be witty. In other words, she talks about boys, and laughs with her friends. It's just—it's just shocking and awful.

She's part of her own group of friends. Maybe she's "popular," maybe she isn't, but she doesn't spend her time criticizing other people.

She has friends who are boys. She is fully able to carry a conversation with them without swooning, analyzing their every word, or, like, totally planning their wedding.

I won't lie; she probably gets emotional. Without going into too much detail, this probably happens for a few days every month. She can't always control it, she doesn't like it, but when life hands you raging hormones, you can't always make lemonade... or something.

She wears what she likes. She gets it wrong sometimes, and her friends will document this rigorously so that she can look back in later life and feel suitably embarrassed. She doesn't appreciate being judged on how she dresses.

She likes sports. She hates sports. She listens to Lady Gaga. She listens to ACDC. She spends a lot of time on the internet. She prefers reading. She wants to study medicine. She doesn't want to go to college at all.

Basically, trying to categorize "the typical teenage girl" into bullet points is never going to work, because it's like being asked to describe food and saying, "Well, it's crunchy and it tastes like oranges. Vapid, shallow oranges." There might be a few common traits, but I think teenage girls deserve a little more credit and respect than being summarised in a few throwaway points.

Does this describe you? How would you describe yourself?

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