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Polished, Pink, and Preppy

Polished, Pink, and Preppy

In order to fully assimilate into my new home state, I am making a special effort to Do Connecticut Things—like eating white clam pizza, and pretending I don't like the Yankees, and attending Sunday polo matches where everyone dresses up in their preppy finery and sockless loafers and pretty pretty hats.

Yeeeeah. So thus far, the pizza-eating bit is the only thing I'm really succeeding at. But! After attending the Victor's Cup polo event this past Saturday, I believe that my ability to blend in with the Fairfield County uppercrusters might just be a close second. Thanks to an ultra-feminine summer dress, a floppy hat, and a set of globe-like pearls, I pulled off the Stepford Wives act with panache.

...Panache, and a few personal twists. Because dressing up like this makes me feel like I'm in costume (or worse, in drag), and so I definitely wanted to put my own unique stamp on this cookie-cutter lady look. Therefore, my floppy hat is accented with a vintage flea market scarf. And my "pearls" are giant, painted in a metallic white-gold, and made of a substance that has never ever seen the inside of an oyster. And my dress, if you look very closely, has a pair of giant, splashy cats squatting surreptitiously in the folds of the skirt. (It took almost three hours before anyone noticed!) So even while I mingled with the polished crowd of polo-watching prepsters, I still felt like myself.

Which is to say, like a well-dressed weirdo. CRAZY CAT CLOTHES FOR THE WIN!

Head to toe: gift shop hat with vintage scarf; dress, Anthropologie sale rack; wedges, Nine West; jewelry and bag, vintage and thrifted.

Do you prep it up on occasion?

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