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Identifying the Typical Teenage Girl

Identifying the Typical Teenage Girl

monicarima has widened her sights beyond bad Facebook behavior, and she's showing no mercy. –Sparkitors

Many of you saw my previous post, on identifying your typical female Facebooker. But I don't want you to think that teenage and preteen ladies don't share some traits off the internet as well! Though this might not apply to most Sparklers, you probably know at least one teen girl who fits this description:

1. The typical teenage girl (TTG) and her group of friends have a secret code language, where other people in their school (usually boys) are represented by indecipherable (to the outside world) nicknames. Because of this, everyday phrases such as “Mr. Unicorn is sparkly and enjoys rainbow grass!” can send this girl into fits of maniacal laughter. Which brings us to…

2. The giggles. The TTG considers everything any of her friends says hilarious. She has a desire to laugh at everything except jokes that are actually witty.

3. She's either part of the "cool group” in school (Plastics, anyone?), or else she criticizes this group all the time because she isn’t in it.

4. In her vocabulary, “boy” and “friend” is always one word, never two.

5. The TTG gets emotional very easily. She can often be found sobbing, saying things like, “She promised not to take my cookie, and then she did it AGAIN! Wahhh!”

6. She has not gotten the “smart is cool” memo yet, and seeks to put down people who don’t act like her.

7. She only wears clothing from Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale, and American Eagle. She even has an acronym for it: AHAA. How adorable! If only she knew what "acronym” meant.

8. If her life was a Taylor Swift song, she’d be the one wearing short skirts.

9. Regardless of her singing ability, she joined choir—because she thought it would be like Glee, and she’d be like Quinn.

Does monicarima have it right, or is she being too hard on the TTG?

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Who should monicarima identify next? Post your thoughts in the comments!

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