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Announcing the New Fiction Contest!

Announcing the New Fiction Contest!

What do butts, Louis CK, and penguins have in common?

They are all funny.

And the theme of our new fiction contest is FUNNY STORIES THAT MAKE US LAUGH.

FAQs, activate!

What do you mean by "funny"?
We mean David Sedaris, Dear Albert, Nancy Mitford, and Tina Fey, for example. We like everything from subtle sarcasm to fart jokes.

For more detailed advice, read Dan's post on how to write funny stories.

Where should I send my story?
Email it to

Any special emailing instructions?
Thanks for asking! Please COPY AND PASTE your submission into an email. Attachments will not be opened.

How soon can I send in my story?
You may send it in starting...NOW!

Are there any word count limits?
Mmmm, not really. Try to keep it under 1,000 words, but if it's an 8-million word work of genius, I'll take it.

When is the submission deadline?
10 a.m. Monday, July 18.

Which stories will you publish on SparkLife?
My favorite ones, which are likely to be funny, error-free, and light on the adverbs.

When will the stories be published?
From Monday, July 18, to Friday, July 22.

How will you determine the winner?
By Facebook likes. How democratic!

What will the winner get?
The admiration of the entire SparkLife community. Also, a t-shirt!

Questions? Leave them in the comments!

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