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Neville Longbottom=RIGHTEOUS HOTTIE? Photos from the London Premiere!

Neville Longbottom=RIGHTEOUS HOTTIE? Photos from the London Premiere!

Potterheads, we've got roughly 3 days until the apocalypse/beginning of the end/movie event of our generation/US premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part II). We're all preparing for this momentous occasion in our own way (Chelsea by weeping quietly into her homemade invisibility cloak, which she crafted out of butter and aluminum foil), and this post is just another step in our collective process of grieving/celebrating/perfecting our Mad Eye Moody costumes. So here, for your IMMENSE viewing pleasure, are loads of links to photos from the UK premiere (those lucky Brits!)—and make sure you click on the especially foxy Mr. Longbottom. Seriously, when did he get so FLY?

1. Every time we see Emma Watson, we fall a little more in love with her; doesn't she just seem like the sweetest, most awesome girl EVER? Plus, she rocks the shizz out of couture, grins non-stop (unless she's crying endearingly), and genuinely seems to be having a BALL.

2. Neville, your lopsided smile is as beautiful as a meat freezer on a 113 degree day. MARRY ME?

3. We can't say we're huge fans of JK's dress, but COME ON: the woman wrote the most beloved series EVER. She can wear MC Hammer pants and a Snuggie if she wants.

4. What a great-looking group, right? Who would have guessed that these guys would grow up to be such stone-cold studs? Tom Felton looks so much better when he isn't pasty and conspiring to murder Dumblebutt.

5. We're just gonna put it out there: Tonks and Bellatrix look borderline INSANE. Can you dig it?

6. Ron, you'll always be our king. And that jacket is NICE. Faux snakeskin? Classy, Weasley. Classy.

7. Harry, you're such a dweeb, and for that we will LOVE YOU FOREVER.

8. Here's the last 10 minutes of the live interviews that took place with Emma, Dan, and Rupert before the UK premiere—if you watch this, you will cry. You will cry like a little baby. If you want to die simultaneously of a broken heart and intense laughter, fast forward to 4:35, when Rupert makes the joke of the century.

YOU'RE TOTALLY CRYING, AREN'T YOU? YOU ARE. The premiere is rapidly approaching, butts; is there any HP content you'd love to see before then?

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