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Quotes from the Marching Band

Quotes from the Marching Band

Marie and Kaitlin are about their marching band. Today's topic—hilarious quotes! –Sparkitors

Unfortunately, dear Kaitlin is not able to join us this week, due to going to California for a leadership camp with all the drum majors, as well as Atlas, our beloved Bass drum section leader.

But if she WERE here, I think she'd agree with me that this is a good time to share some of the fun of marching band. We've mainly been talking about it seriously, but we do have a lot of fun at marching band. To illustrate that, I have collected a number of humorous quotes from this season and last season. This will give you an idea of the things we talk about during rehearsals, as well as helping introduce you to various members of the band. Enjoy!

The Director
"Technically, I'm not actually wearing pants."

"So you're walking down the street, and you can hear this SONG in your  head... torturing you! Well, that's called Auralization. And it can be used for good... or for evil."

"Wait wait wait, you guys totally aren't ready! Put that shiny thing right up against your face!"

"Let's play that again. But this time... Non Sucko, please."

"Ah, your hips are perfect! I'm loving your hips! ...I... probably shouldn't say that."

"Put some spit into it!"

"Shut up, I'm being artistic!"

"You need to watch my... uh... de... di... my slowing down."

"Ready, set, shut up."

"Music is like the glistening sun through the storm clouds after a spring rain… in autumn."

"I have to say, I love you 20 percent more than I did five minutes ago."

Band Members
"Wait, is this set before or after we break up?" —Rain, the Mellophone section leader

"Well, Rose, then do it because you laaahve me."
"Don't say that, Marie! That's lame."

"Awww, I'm blushing! Oh wait. I'm sunburnt." —Kicks, a now graduated senior who played Tenor sax

Kicks: Marie, are you sure that's your spot?
Marie: Yes. Wait, no. Thanks, Kicks. Where would I be without you?
Kicks: Well, for one thing, you'd be over there.

The Director:
Remember to think about your hips.
Marie: Psh, I think about my hips all the time.
Rain: ...I think about your hips all the time, too!

"I'm not gay, but, he's a babe." —Riccio

"So really what the director is trying to say is: 'lie through your teeth'!" —Atlas

"Transposing grows hair on your musical chest." —Archer, another high school band teacher who comes to help

Marie: Remind me again why you're a drum major?
SFM: Because I'm good-looking.

The Director: Tenors, please check your key signature.
Marie: Er. Nothing has changed.
Riccio: Yes it has, but we haven't played that note yet.
The Director: Then someone is playing a note sharp that should be natural.
(All tenors good-naturedly turn and pretend to glare at Ginger, the only rookie in the section)
Ginger: Don't look at me! I wasn't even playing!

So as you can see, Marching band is really just like a big, happy family!
...Except really diverse. And kind of incestuous.

Until next week!

Do you have any great quotes from extracurriculars?

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