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The Hunger Games Cast is HERE! (You Will Be Thrilled And/Or Disappointed)

The Hunger Games Cast is HERE! (You Will Be Thrilled And/Or Disappointed)

Your life is about to change forever: the entire cast of the Hunger Games movie series has officially been released! We already knew the main players (Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Woody Harrelson), but this list (sent to us by jesusfreak823) gives you a look at everybody else, from Prim to Rue to Seneca Crane. We've got to hear your thoughts; does the cast live up to your expectations? And we know Finnick Odair and his infamous abs won't show up until the second movie, but who do you want to see fill his handsome shoes? (We've already sent 654 letters begging the studio to cast Joseph Gordon-Levitt.)

What do you think; are these the characters as you imagined them?

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