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6 Reasons Why Glee Is Actually Not That Great

6 Reasons Why Glee Is Actually Not That Great

SunBrightSparrow is about to set off a lot of metaphorical bombs. TAKE COVER, GLEE FANS.—Sparkitors

I’m going to say something that I fear is going to make me really unpopular: Glee is just not that good. Now, I didn’t always think this. I was one of the first people to start watching the show; I even encouraged others to watch it. But after two seasons, it’s time I admitted it: Glee has lost it's shine. Now, before you bludgeon me to death with a third place show choir trophy, let me give my reasons.

Reason 1: Plot. I’m just gonna say it: the plot makes NO SENSE. It’s only been two seasons and it seems like everyone has gone out with everyone else, so much that no relationship has lasted long enough for me to really care about and/or remember it. People in the Glee club never have to rehearse anything, and never seem to plan songs in advance. I get that it’s not supposed to be 100% realistic, but YEESH.

Reason 2: Characters. I don’t know who I should like in this show. It seems like all the people who are supposed to be nice do horrible things, and all the mean people are surprisingly nice.

For example, Will. He’s supposed to be the nice guy, right? The good teacher, the mentor, the father figure? Well, a lot of the things he does SUCK. Last season he had a phase where it seemed like he made out with every female over 18 on the show. And there was that one episode where he and Sue kept making fun of the new football coach because of her weight—what an awful thing to do! Even if he did finally apologize, it’s still not something a supposed "nice guy" would have done in the first place.

I started out liking most of the characters, but now it’s pretty much down to Kurt’s dad, Blaine, and possibly Brittany’s cat.

Reason 3: Theme Episodes. “Home,” the episode about home.  “Hell-O,” the episode where every song has either “hell” or “hello” in the title. “Blame it on the Alcohol,” the episode about alcohol.  “Funk,” the episode with funk songs. Ugh. We GET IT, Glee.

Reason 4: Auto-Tune. This show has some seriously talented singers, right? Right! Darren Criss, obviously. Lea Michele, Amber Riley…they’re great, even live. (Have you listened to Spring Awakening? Do It.) But whoever mixes the songs for Glee just Auto-Tunes the crap out of everything, which sometimes makes it sound worse than it would have. They can sing for themselves, guys! They’re the GLEE CLUB!

Reason 5: Kurt. PLEASE DON’T KILL ME! I really think it’s awesome that Glee, which has crazy out of control ratings, is featuring gay teenagers prominently and dealing with real-life issues like bullying. And I’ve heard a lot about how Kurt is an inspiration to a lot of kids out there going through the same things. And yet, the character still bothers me. Why? Because it seems like he’s just a stereotype.

Seriously. Please, name me one thing about Kurt that people wouldn’t stereotypically say about gay guys. He likes fashion. He loves Broadway. He tries to go after straight guys. He’s overemotional. He has mostly girls for friends. I know for a fact that all gay guys aren’t like this, so why does Glee make him so formula? I feel like they have the right intentions, but I wish they’d have dug a little deeper with this character.

Reason 6: Song Choices. They’re always making twisted abominations of everything! Honestly, I think the songs are the best part of the show. It’s just plot (again) that’s the problem. The thing is, they take songs that have a lot of meaning and then use them in situations that really…don’t have much meaning at all.

Case in point: remember when Rachel sang “My Man” from Funny Girl, with Finn in mind? In the musical, the main character sings that song after the guy she’s been in love with for YEARS (plus was married to and had a baby with) decided to leave her. Now THAT is serious.

On Glee, Rachel sings it about someone she went out with for…I don’t know. A couple of months, at the most? Not only that, but he's still around and seems to still like her. So, really? Really? It’s like if a six-year-old were singing “I Dreamed a Dream.” You’d just be going, “What? What does she know about this stuff? Shouldn’t she be singing ‘I’m a little teapot?’”

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying “THIS SHOW IS BAD AND IF YOU WATCH IT YOU ARE BAD!” I still like to watch it, even with all this. But there’s a difference between liking something and thinking it's the best thing since mini Reese’s cups (so good). So just think about it—do you really love Glee?

Well, DO YOU? We think Sparrow makes some really valid points!

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