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Loving Darren Criss for All the Right Reasons

Loving Darren Criss for All the Right Reasons

Starkidette loves Darren Criss—and not just because of all the superficial stuff. —Sparkitors

Obviously I’ve had plenty of crushes is my life. Some of them were other people crushing on me. Some of them were me crushing on people. Some unrequited, some shared, some with upperclassmen who would never give me the time of day.

But all this? This is just high school. Yes, I have the best friends I could ever hope for: funny, smart, all honors, bandos, the GOOD kids—but it’s just inevitable that every day can’t be a good one. And it’s those days that I look forward for something more. More than just a crush, something real. Something honey-sweet yet steel-strong.

Darren Criss.

He embodies most of the traits that I want in a guy someday. Yeah, the gorgeous curly locks, the triangular eyebrows, the soulful eyes, and the washboard abs are nice. But I’m talking about what’s inside:

1. He’s passionate. He took what he loved and he ran with it. His music is amazing—from AVPM, to Starship, to his own album Human, everything he does he does well. And if you heard him talk about his music, you can tell he really does love it. It’s not just a job to make money, it’s what he does.

2. He’s hardworking. Sure, he got a big break from Glee, but before that everything he did came from his own blood, sweat, and tears. He’s said himself multiple times, he’s a “do-it-yourself kind of guy.” He made his own album in his own apartment, for god’s sake! Him getting hired by Glee was no coincidence or stroke of luck, it was the result of his hard work. And I can respect that.

3. He’s insanely talented. He’s an actor, a singer, a songwriter. Take your pick; he’s equally amazing at all of them. He’s great on Glee as an actor. His voice gives me shivers, everytime. He’s that incredible. His lyrics themselves are beautiful. Not just his “serious” songs, but even the Starkid ones are written intricately.

4. He was a nerd. I like nerds; I’m a nerd. Case in point: His yearbook picture. He was looking adorable as usual, but his senior quote really stole the show. “AARRRRRRGHHHH!”~Chewbacca. Really? Do they come any cuter than that? And he didn’t go to senior prom because he was grounded for going to see a movie that his parents didn’t want him to: “There were kids ODing on their front lawns, and the worst thing I’d done was go to a movie.” This is the story of my life. Plus he went on to explain he appreciated his parents’ decision, which is really sweet.

5. His morals. “There’s nothing more badass than being who you are.” That’s all the advice I need for high school, right there. He’s a genuinely good guy, and that’s all there is to it.

6. He’s such a goofball. Everything this man says makes me laugh. Some of his interviews are positively hilarious. He’s the only person I can think of whose interviews lead to him talking about wood nymphs, magical marshmallow castles in the sky, and small animals who are nice. “The Kardashians have a book?! What the f---?!” “Do I think guys should make the first move? I assume you mean in chess, right?” “I wore pink suits, because I’m cuckoo.” He makes everything funny. I dig that.

7. He’s just a sweetie. He’s incredibly humble given the huge amount of success he’s had. At the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 premiere, he insisted there was some kind of mistake, that he was supposed to be one of the many screaming fans outside. He’s so unbelievably nice to his fans, and hasn’t forgotten his Starkid fans either. The way he treats them, the way he treats his mom and his brother, it’s just adorable.

Can I have this guy? Wait no, I’m taking him. I’ve taken the man you played you in AVPM, Harry, how do you feel about that? (Eyebrow points to anyone that gets the reference!)

Seriously though, he’s my Teenage Dream. He makes my heart melt. He makes me feel like I’m Not Alone. I love his Beautiful Soul. (Jesse McCartney, anyone?) So yeah, I guess you could say I have a crush on Darren Criss. It’s more than a crush though; it’s undying love. It’s destiny. It’s meant to be.

Anyone else wanna geek out on the Criss monster right now?

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