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Meeting My Online Crush: A Mankler Follow-Up

Meeting My Online Crush: A Mankler Follow-Up

i_bourne_the_wicked is back with an exciting update to yesterday's post!—Sparkitors

Hello again! First up, a few items of business:

1. HI OLD FRIENDS! I can't take up too much time here, but you know who you are! I still love you all even though I'm not OT-ing it up anymore!

2. To anyone that was worried about the safety of meeting someone I met online, I wanted to reassure you that we had both proven to each other in various ways that we were legit and not scary at all—so I knew I wasn't meeting up with a 56-year-old serial killer!

3. I need to clear up this Lowes thing, which I guess is a good segue into what happened on what was potentially the most important day of my life so far.

So, I have to tell all of you something that may rock your world. Yesterday's post, which was about how "today" was the day we were meeting...yeahhhhh...I actually wrote that on Monday. Monday morning, to be precise. But shortly after I sent off the first post to be published, I received a text that my online crush (who I guess should have a name about Rebecca?) was at the doctor because she had come down with the "sniffles." Later that day we were talking on the phone and she asked if we could move our meeting to Thursday.

I was kind of disappointed for a obvious reasons. One, we were going to have to push back meeting, and two (and of course more importantly), I was double-sad that she had the sniffles. So I agreed to postpone our date...but then I got another text this morning while I was doing some yard work that SHE WAS FEELING LOADS BETTER!

So it happened. I put on my new shirt, which I had been saving especially for this occasion, ran my car through the car wash, and headed to Starbucks to wait for her. She showed up at the scheduled time, and we had a wonderful time with my new Tangled coloring book (I bought it just for the date).

We also exchanged mix CDs that we had made for each other (along with notes for why we picked each song) and then we headed across the street to look around at Bed, Bath, and Beyond (which we also both love) and then went on our the infamous trip to Lowes.

For the record, this was her idea and not mine, but it sounded interesting so I decided that it would be fun. We both went in and just looked at paint colors, hardwood flooring, carpets, tile flooring, etc. Turns out, we have extremely similar ideas on all of the above. But to answer one of the comment questions, no, we were not shopping to furnish our future home together. We're taking it a little bit slower than that.

To be completely honest, my expectations may have been a little bit high. After we were done, she said that she was going to hang out with her mom later, so we weren't going to talk again until tomorrow. This was a little disappointing, since I was looking forward to hearing what she thought about meet-up during our regular talk that night. However, when we were leaving, she confirmed that she wanted to continue with our previous plans to have lunch on Sunday and go see the local community production of My Fair Lady, so I think everything went as well as I could have realistically hoped for.

We're so happy it went well! And also that we finally understand all the coloring/Lowes references.


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