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i_bourne_the_wicked is meeting his crush for the first time ever! WE ARE SO EXCITED.—Sparkitors

Hello everyone!

Today, Tuesday, June 20, might potentially be the most important day of my life so far. Allow me to explain.

While in my life I have had many, many, MANY crushes, I've never had a real relationship with a girl before. However, all of that might be changing really soon. While my family was on vacation at the beginning of the month, a commercial came on advertising a website for Christian singles that were looking to...ummm...mingle (I think you know the site).

I was skeptical, but I was willing to give it a shot, so I went ahead and made a profile for the website and started looking around to see what they had to offer. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I got an IM request from this girl asking if I wanted to chat. After a mini-freak out, I decided to accept. As we were talking, I opened up her profile and did a little research on her and what she was all about. I could not believe what I found.

First off, according to our match preferences (what we are looking for in another person) we are a 100% match. Literally, 100%. I was absolutely floored, but there was still more. Our music tastes are incredibly similar, she was really pretty, we share the same faith, she was really pretty, we both love doing shows, she was really pretty, annnndddd...ok. She's gorgeous! Happy now?

I wasn't sure what would come of all this, but we started talking and almost immediately it was super-comfortable to talk to her about all kinds of things, from what shows we've been in, to what kind of restaurants we like, to why we had clicked on each others' profiles. This was two and a half weeks ago, and now it is seriously no big deal at all for us to be up until 2:30 or even 3 in the morning still talking with each other. Which brings me to today...

Today, we are meeting. We decided on this day about two weeks ago, and it has been a LONG journey to finally get here. We have decided that we really want to take things slow enough that we get to know each other well before we start dating. So officially, tomorrow is just a nice coffee date with a friend with some coloring and possibly a trip to Lowes to look at flooring and paint, but to me (and to her as well, I believe) tomorrow is potentially the start of something very exciting.

I'll keep you all posted on what happens with a full report after we meet!

SQUUEALLLLL isn't this romantic? We can't wait to find out what happened! We are also curious about the "coloring" and the trip to Lowes. CAN SOMEONE CLARIFY?

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