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Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg: The Best Bromance Ever

Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg: The Best Bromance Ever

lucille-bluth has zeroed in on two of the cutest, funniest, most talented dudes in Hollywood. We are now officially rabid, hysterical Eisenfield fangirls.—Sparkitors

The call to arms of sorts by SparkNotes and the article on bromances got me inspired: it’s time I publicly shared my crush on Eisenfield.

Eisenfield, you say? What is an Eisenfield? Also known as Garfenberg, Eisenfield is the bromance of Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield, both of whom are incredibly, unfairly attractive. And um, they’re also talented and stuff. Right.

For your viewing pleasure, here is Eisenberg in it's full glory, conveniently broken down into three parts.

THE "EISEN": Just look. At. His. Face. Dubbed a “life ruiner” by a myriad of fangirls, the first half of Eisenfield is just straight-up endearing. My personal favorite piece of evidence: the Muggsy Bogues Situation (skip to 1:23 in the video). Apparently, Jesse wrote a letter to basketball player Muggsy Bogues everyday as a kid. “Dear Mr. Muggsy Bogues, I am so sad.” Do you hear that? That’s the sound of my heart breaking, guys.

THE "FIELD": You may or may not know that this guy is going to be our next Spiderman, and you may or may not be aware that he has a sultry, super-shmexy accent. But even ignoring all that, you've gotta love him: Andrew Garfield is like a happy rainbow of a human being. Look guys, here he is prancing. Look, here he is lying on a railing. And OH! No, wait, let’s discount that picture. HERE. That’s better.

THE BROMANCE: Okay, so I kind of feel bad for Justin Timberlake (he must feel a little left out). But still, if you go onto YouTube and search for videos of these two, it’s like descending into a world of sunshine and drool. Most of the videos you find are from The Social Network promotion; this one , this one (listen closely!), and this one are my favorites.

Best of Video 1: “There’s something about your face that kind of…engenders…a well of joy.” Couldn’t agree more, Andrew.

Best of Video 2:
Jesse: “You should’ve seen me at thirteen.”
Andrew: “I wish I had.”


Best of Video 3: Just the whole part where they’re in that back room talking. Excuse me while I die of squee.

As a side note, the fandom for these guys is made of some pretty clever-kinda-insane, altogether awesome people.

Is there any bromance better than this one? We think not.

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