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You Know You're From Phoenix When...

You Know You're From Phoenix When...

Pants budget getting you down? Move to Phoenix, where yourmothershouldknow26 says you don't even need pants! –Sparkitors

There have been a lot of "You know you're from...", but surprisingly enough, none from the 5th biggest city in the country: Phoenix, AZ. (Take that, Philadelphia!) Maybe my fellow Phoenicians are too ashamed to own up to their hometown, but I'm not. Every city has its quirks, and I choose to embrace Phoenix's. True residents of the Valley of the Sun will agree with me on most, if not all of these points:

- You laugh at Easterners who think 80 degrees is hot.
- When the temperature drops below 70 degrees, you're cold.
- You'd rather park a mile away from the store in the shade than take a front-door spot in the sun.
- You swear that about 99% of the people here drive either a Prius or a big honkin'  SUV/truck.
- You've heard the phrase so many times, you want to punch someone in the face every time they say it: "It's a dry heat!"
- You find postcards featuring skeletons and cacti not funny, but scarily accurate.
- Every other house is made of adobe and has a yard full of decorative rocks.
- You know how to pronounce "Cholla," "Saguaro," "Tucson," and "San Xavier Del Bac," despite never having taken any Spanish.
- You laugh when your Eastern friend think you're crazy for loving those rare and wonderful cloudy/rainy days.
- You don't think girls who wear shorts in January are crazy, because you're aware that they probably don't own any pants.
- You've considered wearing oven mitts to open a car door, put on a seatbelt, and hold a steering wheel.
- Your TV schedule changes twice a year because of the state's refusal to follow Daylight Savings. (Sure, we're stubborn, but DST is also totally pointless for AZ.)
- To you, "Snow Day" is nothing but a bad movie.
- You only have gym class outside between November and February—otherwise, it's too darn hot.
- You have to go all the way to Flagstaff to see trees that aren't palm or palo verde.
- People here don't have rat or termite problems—they have rattler or scorpion problems.
- You hate the Lakers. And the Dodgers. And pretty much every L.A. sports team, really.
- You've definitely heard of this thing called "humidity," but you still think it's just a myth.
- Steve Nash is your hometown hero, even though he's Canadian.

Are you tempted to give up winter and move to Phoenix?

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