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Singin' in the Everywhere

Singin' in the Everywhere

Lyra's got it bad for her best friend James, but we're not sure if James is straight, and Lyra was just asked out by a cute guy named Johnny. Drama! —Sparkitors

Well, this past weekend was ... interesting...? I guess that's what you call a weekend where you drive over 300 miles with two of your craziest friends who believe they are invincible. Yeah, I guess you could call it ...interesting.

To begin, I will remind you that I had plans to go to Busch Gardens with James. While this did happen, it was quite a different experience from what I was expecting. First, James refused to leave the park until we had gone on every single ride. Then, when he decided that the lines were boring to wait in, he started to sing. Yes, right in line, loud, so that everyone in the park could hear him. He stuck mostly to the Broadway hits but snuck in some Ke$ha and Rebecca Black for spontaneity.

Eventually, he grew tired of singing and moved to dancing. Now this is where the crazy comes in. My other friend who was with us, Kasey, is a gorgeously amazing dancer, so of course James had to talk her into doing something silly and zany. So here I am, watching two of my best friends drawing a crowd in the middle of the line for Apollo's Chariot because they've decided to ... wait for it ... reenact the opening number "Goin' Back to Hogwarts" from A Very Potter Musical. James and Kasey went all out, and fully produced the entire song including James singing the parts of Harry, Ron, and Malfoy with extremely different voices for each.

And that was just waiting in line. As I expected, James got tired of the park by 4 pm and decided that the three of us should go for an "Adventure Drive."  Seeing as I'm the only one with a license, I was in for a long afternoon. We drove to the park, the mall, school, a random outlet store, a pet store, and a flea market. For the entirety of this trip, James and Kasey blasted the radio and discussed the need of Thai food in every restaurant. Period. Even Micky D's.

In the pet store, Mr. Golden Sunshine made a beeline for the puppies. There was actually one that was soooooo adorable it kind of looked like these. Well, James jammed his face right up to the glass and started talking to the pup on the other side. Okay, he didn't talk, I got that wrong. HE SANG. Yes, in the middle of the store. Kasey and I were in stitches as "How Much is That Doggie in the Window" rang out through the entire store. We actually were escorted out for disturbing the customers, but all in all I think they actually enjoyed his doggie serande. (I know I did.)

The most interesting event of the day occurred at the random outlet store that I saw on the way to the mall. In front of the store was this ginormous wooden cart that look like it was going to eat the store if it got any closer. Once we were parked, Kasey and James ran at the cart that sort of reminded me of the wooden rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. This was a BIG MISTAKE. As soon as they touched the giant cart, it started to roll out towards a field next to the store. And as it moved, it picked up speed. Once the thing reached the field, it made a loud crunch and fell in on itself. Completely mortified, James and Kasey booked it for the car while I just stared in confusion.

Despite our fun weekend of adventures, I've decided to tell James about Johnny. By the end of this week, I will be leaving for acting camp and will not see James for a while. I also will not see Johnny until August. (That's when our date is!!!!) I have been thinking about how much I still am interested in James, but I really think that Johnny is my chance at being free of my strange feelings for my Best Friend Ever. So, I'm taking James to a Thai restaurant. They do say that the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. (Although I haven't figured out who exactly this "they" person is yet.)

Hopefully I can just tell him casually, without freaking out and having a mental breakdown in the middle of the restaurant. Considering the weekend's events, I think I've been crazy in public enough for one lifetime.

<3 Lyra

Do you think James will freak out when he hears Lyra's going on a date with James? Or will he be happy for her?

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