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Why The Tony's Were Ah-mazing

Why The Tony's Were Ah-mazing

fruitninjaa MADE THESE CUPCAKES. With her BARE HANDS. Each one has its own little starched white shirt and tie as a nod to the hit Broadway play "The Book of Mormon." If we were going to fall in love with a food, this would be it.—Sparkitors

Only a maliciously drunken monkey would argue against the fact that the Tony Awards is the best awards show of them all. It beats the pantaloons off those boring other award ceremonies for movies and music and ninjas, and takes the cobbler for being the most wonderful annual event on television. This year, the Tony’s were as glorious as a cat playing with a dolphin, with mind-blowing live performances and the totes adorbs Neil Patrick Harris hosting. Aren’t you sad you missed it? Don’t worry, I’ve made a list of the most exciting moments in case you were inexcusably absent for the snazziest three hours of the century.

I’ve already professed my love for Neil Patrick Harris, but let me just say it again: Harris is the dreamsicle of the male persuasion. Plus, he was a hilarious host, opening with a catchy musical number about Broadway’s “broadness.” This number also includes Brooke Shields messing up her solo not once, not twice, but three times.

The first live musical performance of the evening was How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. This jazztastic song features Daniel Radcliffe himself, complete with a flawless American accent and jaunty dance moves. I mean, did you see how jaunty he was?!? I applaud you, Daniel. Voldey could never match those jazz squares.

What’s better than one morsel of eye candy? Two morsels! Hugh Jackman and Neil Patrick Harris competed in a sing-off, which was also a dance-off, which was also amazing.

All nominated musicals performed, as well as Spidey, Company, and dragalicious Priscilla. Among the best were Book of Mormon and Anything Goes, which won best musical and best revival of a musical, respectively.

Neil Patrick Harris wrapped it up with a fantasmaglorious rap covering the highlights of the event, as well as reminding us why theater is one of the greatest art forms out there.

We didn't see the Tony's, but now we wish we had. We also thought you should know about the other epic treats fruitninjaa made for her Tony's party: Rosemary, apple, and goat cheese tarts  from How to Succeed in Business, Chive in Living Color dip  from Catch Me If You Can, and Reno’s Weenies  from Anything Goes. UH, YUM.

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