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Should This Sparkler Take AP Lit?

Should This Sparkler Take AP Lit?

We recently got an email from a stressed out Sparkler who can't decide whether to load up on APs next year. We think she deserves some advice from the real schedule experts, you guys! Here's what she told us...

I know school just ended (for me anyway), but I was wondering if you guys could help me on a matter for next year.

On my current proposed schedule for next year (senior year), I am signed up to take Personal Fitness/Economics, Physics, Journalism, AP Statistics, AP Psychology, and AP Literature. I'm a little iffy about taking three AP classes next year.

You see, my junior year I took three AP classes: Language and Composition, U.S. History, and Chemistry. Because of my lifestyle of a few inner family problems and attending a school out of district which inhibits what and when I can go to school early or late for help (i.e. tutorials), I felt completely swamped my junior year. As a result, I feel completely horrible about my grades (which are due in the mail any day now) because I messed up so royally during one of the most important years of high school...

Basically what I'm asking is do you think I should drop or keep AP Literature? Because of the math/science magnet program I'm in I'm required to take an advanced placement math course (hence AP Statistics), and I really want to study neuroscience in college so AP Psychology will help with that. Journalism is my elective and the rest of my classes are required for graduation.

So keep AP Lit? AP Lang was my favorite class junior year and my instructor praised my work, so I'm good at it and I enjoy it. I just don't know if I can handle three AP classes again, especially my senior year.

What do you think she should do, Sparklers?

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