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Is Your Life BORINNGG? Flyergirl13 Can Help.

Is Your Life BORINNGG? Flyergirl13 Can Help.

flyergirl13 pioneers the idea that when life hands you lemons, you should just make up new words like a crazy person. —Sparkitors

Now that school is out, you're probably laying face down on the floor and thinking to yourself, "What the waffles am I going to do today? I already made 8 toothpick bridges and ate all the peanut butter." But fear not: there are small things you can do to make your life way more fun. Tips and hints and directions for awesomeness are coming your way right...NOW.

Step One: Hack your Life. Lifehacks are fantastic. They're like the Yodas of real life, with hints and helpful things that will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.  There's already been a post dedicated to Lifehacks, but I have one more to add, because it's amazing.

DO: Go to any Wikipedia page. Click the first link that is not in parentheses or italics. If you keep clicking, you'll eventually end up at "Philosophy."

DON'T: Do the above trick for "Telecommunications." (There's an exception to every rule.)

Step Two: Eat Your Way Through Life. This is a way to find amazing new foods. First, make a list of a bunch of your favorite foods. Mine included, but was not limited to: bacon, pizza, and whipped cream. Next, try combining these foods, no matter how gross it may seem. Okay, whipped cream on pizza wasn't great but ZOMG BACON PIZZA OMNOMNOM!

DO: Use bacon frequently. Simple, right?

DON'T: Forget the exception rule from above. I bought "Bacon Ranch Dressing" and it was awful.

Step Three: Woodle Your Language. English is boring and stupid.  Make it (and your life) more interesting by creating some new words and adding them to your daily vocabulary. I already say "loam," "viper," and "awesomesauce" on a regular basis, and my family has stopped thinking I'm insane. Either that or they've given up and stopped voicing their opinions.

DO: Use your new words often enough that other people learn them and begin using them too.

DON'T: Fugu so many new quides that noid knows what you squikkle.

What else do you do during summer vacation to stay entertained?

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