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Blogging Shakespeare Camp: Capture the Flag and Catholic Prom

Blogging Shakespeare Camp: Capture the Flag and Catholic Prom

strangeNilikeit kicks off what's sure to be an awesome, Shakespearean-insult-filled summer with this new series! –Sparkitors

Hi. StrangeNilikeit/Gwen here. Welcome to one crazy girl’s account of spending seven weeks rehearsing/performing Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. If you’re offended by teenagers doing classical theater, purple buses, or the eating of dangerous amounts of Nutella, you should take your delicate sensibilities back to the 1800s where they belong.

As for the rest of you: perhaps you remember me from my Confidence Pants story, Shakespeare in the Shower. This summer, I’m returning to Traveling Players Ensemble’s Traveling Troupe camp for seven more weeks of rehearsal, touring, and performing Shakespeare outdoors. Camp starts June 20th, but us 14 Traveling Troupesters have already been through multiple five-hour auditions, in which we seemed to do very little actual auditioning. Here’s what these "auditions" consisted of instead:

-Eating two cakes. Well, one was technically a giant cookie.


-Playing Foot Ninja, which involves jumping on each other’s feet. This is supposed to create group bonding, because we make eye contact, and also foot contact. Get it? Great, now please explain it to me.

-Getting into a heated debate over where sesame seeds come from.

-The most intense game of Capture the Flag I have ever participated in, and that's coming from someone who played it every single day for a year. This game also had the most cheating of any CTF game I’ve played.

-Sneaking away with my best friend Sunny to record an episode of "Gwen and Sunny’s Top Secret Video Diary." It's kinda hard to understand, because our mouths were full of Snickers bar.

Our director is half Oompa Loompa, half rubber band, and 100% genius. For the purposes of this blog, I will call her Genie. This makes sense because she is both magical and small enough to fit in a bottle. Anyway, Genie says I'm being considered for the following roles: Juliet, Lady Capulet, Benvolio, Friar Laurence, and the nurse. Unfortunately, Genie takes FOREVER to cast things. I’ll bet you 60 million Gwen Bucks she won’t send us the cast for weeks.

Now for the drama. You didn’t think this was a drama-less drama camp, did you? Here's what we've got so far:

1. Sunny’s usual stage-lover is this sweet guy we shall call Pierre. I am 90% sure the two of them will be Romeo and Juliet because they’re freaking adorable. It’s common knowledge that Pierre likes (liked?) Sunny. Sunny made it clear that she does not reciprocate—yet she still constantly touches/holds hands with him, and responds ambiguously when I ask her to kindly stop unless she likes him back. Which makes me think “hmmm” and raise one eyebrow whenever I see them together, which makes people think I’m having a stroke or something, which makes them ask what’s wrong with my face.

2. I was asked to a Catholic school prom by Andy, who is one of the most popular guys in camp. Both of my archnemeses, Umbridge and Grizelda, are obsessed with him. Obsession is understandable in this case because Andy is both hilarious and attractive, and he happens to be a close friend of mine. The thing is, I’m not sure whether or not we’re going as friends. I assume we are. Right?

Catholic Prom is this Friday, and I don’t have accessories or makeup/hair/nail plans yet, and my dress is too big. (Can you tell I’m not the girliest of girls?) When I asked Andy if there would be monks, nuns, bodhisattvas, or other members of the clergy present, he said “Yes. And you will have to dance with all of them.”

We like this Andy character. Do you think he and Gwen are destined to be just friends, or a real-life R&J?

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