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The Other Side of NBK: A Mankler 'Fesses Up!

The Other Side of NBK: A Mankler 'Fesses Up!

Resident rock expert Metalhead865 takes on a new series—and it's less about guitars and more about GIRLS!—Sparkitors

I'm Metalhead865, I'm 16, and I've never been kissed. I play guitar, love video games, and am a regular contributor to this wondrous corner of the Internet. I'm also "SparkLife married" to Animated_Apathy, and yet...I'm still a prime Mankler NBK candidate. Oh, the humiliation. I called this post "The Other Side" due to the fact that I'm one of the few Manklers worthy of posting on this delicate topic.

Romance is not my strong point. I had my first major crush in sixth grade, but during three years of middle school, I hardly talked to her at all. I've just finished my second year of high school, and I've had a ton of crushes, but never had the guts to tell anyone my feelings. I've been single my whole life, which, in this day and age, is a sad and unfortunate circumstance. In the past year, there've been two situations when I've almost worked up the nerve to tell a girl how I feel about her—but, as you all know, "almost" doesn't get you anywhere.

Experience #1: The Singing Valentine
My school's chorus raises money every year around Valentine's Day by selling singing valentines. I was totally crushing on a girl who went to both my school and my church, and when the singing valentine opportunity rolled around, I grabbed my three dollars and immediately bought one for her. But again, romance isn't really my strong point; what I wrote on the accompanying card basically boiled down to:

"Hey. You're cool. Bye."

Okay, MAYBE not exactly that, but something along those lines. I was even too embarrassed to write my name on the card. After the day the valentines were sent, I hopped on Facebook and started chatting with the girl who I'd sent the valentine to. She had figured out it was me. (GASP!) I was hoping for a huge, romantic revelation, but instead I got: "It was cool. I liked it. :)"

I figured that was as good as it was going to get, so I left the topic alone. But looking back, I really wish I'd done a better job—this particular girl has moved on, and I'm left in the dust.

Exerience #2: Getting SparkLife Married
I've had eight or nine articles published in the Music section of SparkLife, and by the third one, fellow Sparkler Animated_Apathy was apparently falling in love with me, and she even asked me to marry her (it was awesome and hilarious). I accepted, and we've been acting like it's true love ever since. Only problem? It's not a REAL relationship (in case you can't tell :P). It's just kind of a friendly running joke. But you never know...

I don't want to be kissed just so I can brag about it, obviously, but I've seen my share of really happy relationships around my school, and I want to at least experience a taste of one. Wish me luck, fellow Sparklers, on conquering my nervousness and letting myself be known.

Do the Sparklers and Manklers out there have any tips for this great guy?

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