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Nine Days a Queen: The Very Short Life and Reign of Lady Jane Grey

Nine Days a Queen: The Very Short Life and Reign of Lady Jane Grey

Lonks is already on book 36! This girl is CRUISIN'!—Sparkitors

Book #36: Nine Days a Queen: The Very Short Life and Reign of Lady Jane Grey

Author: Ann Rinaldi

Reason for Reading: I mentioned my love for Ann Rinaldi and her fantastic historical fiction in my first post, but I made such a huge effort not to bore you all with weeks on end of Rinaldi reviews that I kind of… um…. forgot about them. But I couldn't hold off forever: this book was a birthday present along with Finishing Becca, and Ann Rinaldi is one of my favorite authors.

Quote: I had freckles. I had sandy hair. I was too short. Would my feet even touch the ground if I sat on the throne?”

Copyright Date: 2005

Length: 240 pages

Genre: Young Adult Historical Fiction

Rating (out of 10 stars): 5 stars

Summary: Lady Jane Grey never wanted to be Queen. She was fifth in line for the throne, so the possibility was very slim. This is a completely factual account of the life of the young woman who was Queen for nine days at the beginning of the English revolution.

Review: A couple of nights ago I climbed into bed with this new book and realized, as soon as I got comfortable, that I'd forgotten to grab a bookmark. I decided that I would just go get one when I put the book down. I never needed it.

I always feel really accomplished when I finish books in one sitting, like I gained a little something extra from it. Regrettably, I did not get that feeling with Nine Days a Queen. The book was was really just average; there was nothing extraordinary about it. It was decent, but it didn’t rise up to the caliber of storytelling that I expect from her.

One thing Rinaldi does manage to do with Nine Days a Queen is to simplify the politics of 16th Century England, which is hard. The country was in such turmoil and confusion at that time that I’m sure even the people in charge didn’t really understand what was going on most of the time. However, after reading this book, I completely understand it, and I’m sure your average middle-schooler would as well. The thing is, I don’t think your average middle-schooler really cares about the politics of 16th Century England.

Recommendation: I found this book interesting, but not entertaining. Unless you have an interest in Tudor England, this novel will bore you tears.

We're going to skip it and just re-read The Hunger Games. Any takers out there?

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