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Colin Firth, (Old) Man of Our Dreams

Colin Firth, (Old) Man of Our Dreams

jesusfreak823 is  hardcore Firth fan—and we really can't blame her!—Sparkitors

Oohh, Colin Firth. You may be more than 3 times my age, but somehow you have managed to snag my fangirl heart and the hearts of many others like me. Your demure smile, your unfathomable eyes, you adorable hair all but make me squeal and faint when I see you in my favorite chick flicks. How do I love you, Colin Firth? Let me count the ways.

1. Your calm, soothing, incredible, swoon-worthy British accent has a way of setting my heart aflutter. In The King's Speech you had a bit of trouble talking unless angry, but oh how you make me tackle the TV when I see you in Pride and Prejudice, proclaiming your love for Elizabeth in your silky-smooth, Downy-fresh voice. And did I mention how much I screamed when I heard you sing? Yeeeaaahh....

2. As listed in the description above, your overall attractiveness is off the walls. Some guys  keep their hopes up that they will look like Orlando Bloom (who, in my humble opinion, is a god that was placed upon the earth to walk around with his gorgeous body and flawless features just to let everyone to gaze upon him in wonder) when they get older, but I say that they should look no further than you, Colin Firth, as their model. Even though the object of your affection may loathe you at first ( see Pride and Prejudice and Bridget Jones's Diary for examples), she always ends up realizing how incredibly fine you are.

3. Do I even need to mention the acting? Come ON, people! I have yet to see a film where someone has said, "UGH, Colin Firth was terrible!" He didn't win Best Actor and get an Academy Award for nothing! And don't even get me started on his acting in chick flicks. I could go on for DAYS about how romantic he is! When I am depressed I immediately turn towards this amazing man and his amazing performances in the amazing world of romantic dramas/comedies/works of pure emotion.

I honestly think that I could go on for a century about him. Only Colin could rock a beard and still look like an angel. Only Colin could stare through the camera into your SOUL. Only Colin could be the age of my parents and still have me shouting "OH MY GOD YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS! PLEASE MARRY ME!" at the television.


I hope that I am not the only Firth-fanatic out there. Please, fellow Firthnatics (see what I did there? ZING!) let us gather together to celebrate the man who has blessed movie screens all over the world.

Are you a Firthnatic?

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