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How To Recover From Asking A Stupid Question

How To Recover From Asking A Stupid Question

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I’ll be the first to admit:  I ask stupid questions...a lot.  But that’s okay, because just like snot rocketing in public, the more it happens, the easier it gets to cover it up. Now, in order for this guide to make sense, you have to understand what a stupid question is. It isn’t “Guhhh, why is the sky blue?” That’s just plain ol’ silly. We all know it’s caused by the light emitted from the sun passing through the oxygen and nitrogen atoms which causes them to bend the light, thus creating the blue sky. No, a stupid question is one that has an obvious answer and you just didn’t realize it, such as asking the teacher when the homework is due...when it’s written in big, bold letters on the board.

Now that that’s cleared up, here’s the process of how to make your stupid question sound not so stupid.

1. Obviously, you have to ask a stupid question: If you’re anything like me, this shouldn’t take too long to happen. If you’re my brother, you’ll ask two stupid questions in a row (Seriously, I think it’s a genetic defect or something).

2. Once you realize your question was stupid, act cool. At some point, it's going to hit you that your question was dumb. Whether this occurs when your friend whispers “Hey, idiot, that was a stupid question” or when you hear your classmates giggling, just make sure you don’t smack your forehead and, with a “D’oh!”, reveal to everyone that you realize you asked a stupid question. If you can act cool, you’ll lay the foundation for the rest of your artful and classy deception.

3. Pretend like you were asking a different question. This is the step that requires quick thinking on your part.  Whoever you ask your stupid question to is going to make you feel, well, stupid for asking it. But don’t let this faze you. All you have to do is restate your question (that’s the quick thinking part) into one that doesn’t sound so stupid.  If you successfully do that, then you can make any stupid question look like a legitimate one.

For guidance purposes, here’s an example of how this process should unfold. Let’s say you ask your government teacher if you’re ever going to learn about the judiciary system.  He’ll probably look at you and say, “Of course we are. Hello, it’s a government class”  (and then mutter under his breath, “Idiot”).  Once he’s said this, and you realize your question was stupid,  cooly sit there and say, “Oh, I know we’re going to learn about the judiciary system. I was wondering when we’re going to learn about it.  Is it the next chapter we’re going to study, or later in the semester?”

And with that, you avoid the embarrassment of a dumb question. Now, don’t get upset if this doesn’t work for all the stupid questions you ask.  There are some questions out there that are so stupid there’s really no recovering from them. That’s when you need to learn to suck it up and take the blow to your ego.

Can't wait to try this out in a few hours when we inevitably ask a really moronic question. How do you recover from a slip-up?

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