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The Truth About College Life

The Truth About College Life

My first year at college is done—I apologize to all who are still in school! I won’t gloat too much; I’ll just say that I DESTROYED finals week. It never stood a chance. My secret? This app, which lets you block websites from yourself, including facebook (quintessential time-suck), tumblr (my current obsession), and sparklife (of course), so you can actually get things done. You’ve probably heard that college students are master-procrastinators, and I’m here to tell you that that’s extremely true. A couple more clichés that I’m here to thoroughly look into, analyze, and debunk:

Community bathrooms: Can be pretty gross. Especially on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I’m so sorry. I lived in a triple with its own bathroom this year, so I didn’t have to experience the full effect, but I accidentally went in the floor bathroom once on a Saturday morning after one of the biggest parties of the year, and it wasn’t so pretty.

The freshman fifteen: This is a tricky one. One of my friends actually did gain the 15, but most of us stayed pretty even. When I was playing tennis, I actually lost some weight—all of which I gained back when I discovered that ice cream was offered at lunch and dinner.

Nerds, intellectuals, jocks, and partying: You should never assume that just because someone has a 4.0, she doesn’t party. Likewise, just because someone is on the football team doesn’t mean that he isn’t smart, or that he parties at all. In short; stereotypes aren’t always true! Who knew?

The Greek system: I’m actually ill qualified to talk about this because my school has no Greeks (with the exception of couple of international students), but according to a couple of my friends, frats and sororities aren’t always awful! Apparently, they can be really great support systems and full of intellectual people. And they can be stereotypical party houses too, but hey. Every myth had to start with a grain of truth, right?

The toga party: I’m not going to lie; I didn’t think these actually happened in real life. I thought the writers of “Animal House” dreamed them up, and then people who already graduated perpetuated the myth to confuse and make fun of high schoolers. Like snipes. How wrong was I. My school actually had a toga party. Admittedly, most of the “togas” were closer to Greek tunics. Not that anyone cared when I explained this, but real togas would have fallen off within minutes, which would have been counter-productive. Or productive, depending on your why you went to the party! Ba-dum ching!

Roommates: They can be pretty great, and they can be pretty horrible, and I had both at the same time! The first one recently spammed my facebook wall saying how much she misses me (it’s been all of 37 hours since I’ve seen her, and I miss her equally), and I’m debating as to whether I should stay friends with the other one on facebook. Such is life.

Ginger’s Song of the Week: This song has kinda been adapted by my school—they play it at a pretty much every dance, and I miss it already.

Have you confirmed/debunked any myths at college?

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