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Top 5 Reasons We Love Kristen Stewart

Top 5 Reasons We Love Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is going to play Snow White in one of the two Snow White movies coming out, and we're PSYCHED. We love KS. Here's why:

5. She's not a girly girl. Unlike every other fathead in Hollywood, Stewart doesn't seem interested in getting fake boobs or pretending to be soooooo happy all the time or even brushing her hair more than once a week. Basically, she's grumpy and ill-kempt, just like your Sparkitors, and we like that!

4. She seems more interested in acting than in fame. Everyone got all mad about an interview KS did about how annoying it is to be famous. But why? Being famous seems terrible! Mean men with cameras scream insults at you so you'll get mad and give them the finger and they can sell the picture to TMZ for one million dollars. And you have to wear a cute outfit all the time, just in case. Plus your ex-boyfriends can stalk you online so easily, and tsk-tsk whenever you gain weight or wear dumb pants.

3. She was amazing in Adventureland. Did you see this movie? WHY NOT?? It's about funny, smart college kids who want to fall in love and read a lot—Sparklers, basically—and Kristen Stewart is so good in it.

2. We thought she was a boy. For the duration of Panic Room, we thought KS was an adorable tween boy with an emo 'do. She looked just like we did when we were 13!

1. She'll be the perfect Snow White. Think about: Snow White's stepmother is trying to kill her. Disney got it wrong—under these circumstances, Snow wouldn't flit around making beds and singing; she'd bite her lip, sulk, seethe, and peer out angrily from behind her hair. SOUND FAMILIAR?

Do you love Kristen? C'mon, admit it.

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