Katniss Has Brown Hair

Katniss Has Brown Hair

"Jennifer Lawrence is blond!" you said. "She can't play Katniss! EVERYTHING IS RUINED!" Not so fast, Sparklekittens.

Jennifer Lawrence found out about a thing called hair dye, and she looks amazing, like a brunette warrior who kills teenagers because she has to! Click here to check it out!

Emily Winter thinks they elongated her nose and neck in Photoshop, but I think she just got longer spontaneously because of the agony of war. And never mind her nose, look at that jacket! It's rain-resistant yet chic. And it has the book logo on it—quel coincidence!

Speaking of the book, Suzanne Collins miiiiiight need to take a chillax pillax:

“I feel like when you said yes,” the author told [Jennifer Lawrence], “the world got lifted off my shoulders.” —

Calm down, Suzanne Collins. It's a dystopian trilogy, not AIDS research.

So does this new hair solve the problem? Are you on board with the movie now?

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