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My Mother, The Strongest Woman I Know

My Mother, The Strongest Woman I Know

Sparkler Katelyn shared a difficult experience with her mom, and now their bond is stronger than ever!—Sparkitors

While some people may be grateful for their impeccable skills at downing coffee, making leather pants, or shooting hoops, I’m more thankful for something that is a little more close to home: my mother.

In January, I was involved in a car accident. It was on the freeway and our lane was suddenly slowing. Unfortunately, the lady behind us didn't realize this rapid change, and rear-ended us at about 45 mph. No one was knocked unconscious, so we didn't go to the hospital. But we did go to urgent care, where they told us we should be fine in about a month or so....

It is now MAY, and my mother and I are still suffering. We've gone to physical therapy, taken medications for the pain, even had labs done to figure out what was going on. For me, they have no clue as to what's the deal-io. For  my mom, it's not going to be an easy way out. We both have to see pain specialists and my condition will likely affect me for the rest of my life.

Since the accident, we've had to deal with a lot of other adversity as well. Our house flooded, my cousin and uncle were hospitalized (several times), and said uncle passed away.  But throughout the whole debacle, the one person I found I could count on was my mother. Her extreme grace and perseverance helped keep our family together. By helping other people, she's taught me a lot about keeping things in perspective: things could always be worse. She's right. Things could be a lot worse compared to what they are right now. Which is why I'm not complaining. My mom has the most amazing amount of strength I've ever seen.

So because she's motivated me to stay strong, I've gotten myself a summer internship at a local film company, gotten my license, am now a member of the Spanish Honors Society, and an alternate for a prestigious national summer broadcasting journalism institute.
For my future success, I'm going to have to thank my mother for never giving up. She's my inspiration!

Thank you, Mom!

Your mother sounds incredible, Katelyn!

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