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You Know You're From San Jose When...

You Know You're From San Jose When...

Erica:), we suspect you work for the San Jose board of tourism. And we think you deserve a promotion! –Sparkitors

Though not everyone knows it, this city is in one of the largest centers of technology in the world—Silicon Valley! This means that my hometown regularly draws the mega-minds of the modern world, including Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and even President Obama. We have beautiful weather 99 percent of the time, and it doesn’t get any colder than 50 degrees. People from all sorts of backgrounds live in San Jose, and the city is made up of quaint suburbs, a beautiful downtown, and an occasional sliver of countryside here and there. You know you’re from this awesome city when:

  • You hear people say “hella”, or you use “hella” every other five sentences.
  • You may refer to San Jose as “San Jo” or “the 408” (only if you're from here is this permissible).
  • -You are aware of the intense rivalry between Norcal and Socal, and you know that Norcal wins for too many reasons to mention.
  • If you dare to wear anything but a Sharks jersey to a hockey game, you will be pummeled.
  • You were cheering, and most likely crying, when you found out that the Giants won the World Series.
  • In’N’Out Burger is always no more than five miles away, no matter where you are.
  • When you watch the local news, you're hoping to see cheesy commercials on how to be an “All Star Stan” by keeping San Jose Litter Free!
  • You're only an hour's drive from San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Monterey.
  • When the thermometer hits 60, you put on six layers and demand your teachers blast the heaters in class.
  • You know that the coolest place for teenagers to hang out is at Klub Ice.

Sigh. Klub Ice never lets us past the door. Does anyone else live in this temperate epicenter of awesome?

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