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Dressed To Move

Dressed To Move

So, Sparklers! Notice anything... different?

Yes, it's true: no longer are we confining our fashionista follies to the tiny, cluttered interior of that Brooklyn apartment! I have moved to Connecticut, and Sparkstyle is coming with me. Or I mean, it WILL be coming. Shortly. As soon as I unpack my clothes... which, of course, I plan to do as soon as I figure out what box they're in.

But in the meantime, I have perfected the art of stylish interstate moving—which requires outfits in which I can a) comfortably assemble furniture and b) break down boxes, while simultaneously c) looking put-together enough that I can walk my dog without scaring the neighbors, to whom I would d) rather not broadcast the fact that I've been living out of a suitcase for five days.

The solution, fortunately, is a tried-and-true one:

Casual button-down.

Woo hoo!

If ever you need (or want) to look slightly more done than sneakers and a t-shirt will allow, this is the best way to do it. Skinny jeans in a dark wash present as more dressed up than something rag-tag and baggy, but the spandex in these makes them just as comfortable for all the walking, bending, and climbing on stepladders I've been doing since we moved in. A plaid button-down shirt, meanwhile, holds its shape better than a tee, and the big, loud check doesn't look worn and dirty even if I throw it on three days in a row. (Not that I've done that! ...Okay, maybe.) And these bright red flats are easy to kick on or off, comfortable enough for extended walking, and cute enough to transition from daytime unpacking to a dinner out in the new neighborhood.

Head to toe: Top, Delia*s; Jeans, F21; shoes, Charlotte Russe.
Now all I need to do is learn how to pose for a self-timed shot without looking like a nitwit. (Man, these are bad—even my dog is like, what ARE you DOING.)

Also, a note about the shoes. And I almost don't want to mention it, because the last thing I want is to fight one of you for the last size 6 pair in a soon-to-be-discontinued style... but Charlotte Russe makes these, and they are MAGIC. Particularly if you're prone to getting blisters on the back of your heel from other flats that are supposed to be comfortable but have rough, stiff uppers that chafe the skin. (This pair of red skimmers is a few years old, but they come out with new styles and colors in the same basic model every season. (You're welcome.)

What do you wear when you're knee-deep in packing peanuts? Tell us in the comments!

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