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C-Dags Has A Plethora of Super-Sweaty Admirers

C-Dags Has A Plethora of Super-Sweaty Admirers

EPIC VOCAB SHOUT-OUTS from yesterday's post go to:

SecretlyAWizard: My mother chastises me when I beg too much for that orange kitten at the pet store. IT'S ONE OF MY DREAMS TO OWN AN ORANGE CAT, MOM, AND IT'S A KITTEN TOO! HE LOVES ME!

legolas'slover: I chastise Warner Brothers for making all of the Harry Potter nerds wait in agony till July 15th.

Lady_Wildflower: Usually I have to chastise myself in order to learn the Vocab Word of the Day. Today, however, I was exurberant to find that the a word I already knew had been condoned instead of abjured! I will be aggrieved if my sentence is not chosen as these words I use are esoteric.

AwesomePossum214: I was chastised for being too awesome... and for owning a possum farm.

luv2dance1995: No one should ever chastise Chelsea for being too sweaty because that's like chastising Harry Potter for having a curse scar on his forehead. HE CAN'T HELP IT it's not his fault! Don't judge...

Today's word: Plethora

Definition: Overabundance or excess

Post your best sentence in the comments!

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