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Mission Incredible: Let's Put An End to Bullying!

Mission Incredible: Let's Put An End to Bullying!

Maddy65 delivers a message that everyone needs to hear!—Sparkitors

Lately, my attention has been focused on a worldwide phenomenon that is devastating millions of young teenagers: bullying. If you’ve ever read, you know what I'm talking about. Even more terribly, I read a blog post just the other day that is what you would easily call cyber-bullying, and I cried for hours. And livelyrics13’s article Avoid the Judgment Bug truly inspired me to send this in. Here are some steps you can take to stop teen depression, or at least put a smile on somebody’s face.

Look in the mirror. As livelyrics13 said, there's a  99.9% chance that when you stare at your reflection, you are looking at a victim of bullying. Start with yourself, and tell yourself you are beautiful. I know it, that person who sits next to you in English knows it, so there is no reason for you not to. Let yourself believe you are beautiful on the inside, and out.

Put the past behind you. Yes, you may have regrets, but you can put them behind you. Those things you said and did? First forgive yourself, and then ask for forgiveness. You are who you are and no matter what you have done or what people have done to you, let it all go.

Go on formspring. You heard me correctly, formspring. On that website there is a lot of hate, but several users on there such as BeautifulNotes and LovelyLetters have gone out of their way to make sure those people know they are loved. Let them know it too. Start posting anonymously, or go make your own inspiring account. Go to those you love and let them know how gorgeous their eyes are, how amazing their personality is, how much they are appreciated.

Put post-it notes around your town. has the most incredible idea! Leave notes around your school, mall, or supermarket, just to remind people of how much they are loved. You can brighten someone's day, and it only takes a few seconds!

Step in. Do you see bullying going on around your school? It’s not ok, and if it’s physical you need to alert an adult immediately. Stand up for those who have lost their voice.

Speak to those around you. You don’t need a formspring to tell people they are beautiful. If you have the guts, go up to that girl and tell her how amazing her new haircut is, go up to that guy and tell him he is the nicest person you have ever met. Make them smile.
These are just a few ways that you can make a difference in not only your life, but the lives of those around you. We need to make a change, Sparklers and Manklers! By taking these steps, you could profoundly affect someone's life for the better—you might even save a life. You are just the beginning. This is Mission Incredible, and we are out to make a change.

Love it! All of this advice is brilliant! Do what you can to put an end to bullying, and others will follow!

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