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Yo' Momma Is Ubiquitous

Yo' Momma Is Ubiquitous

Yep—this is still a Vocab Word of the Day post, we're just mixin' thangs up, title-wise. SPICY, right? Moving on:

EPIC VOCAB SHOUT-OUTS from yesterday's post go to:

Overgettingolder: I have a secret, a massively colossal secret of earth-shattering proportions that could change the world as we know it, but I won't reveal it because then I would be forced to abjure my memebership to the Chocolate Optimus Squirrel Society, and that is something I simply cannot do.

LaGitanaRoja: I hereby abjure my butt-fat. Really, I now refuse to believe that it's there.

sayWHAT??shutUP!!: I, sparkler Say What, not-quite-esteemed member of The Think Tank and devout follower of Dan Bergstein, hereby abjure the abomination known as "Twilight" and heartily encourage others to do the same. Read "Nightlight" instead!

NarniaSparks: I abjure the rumor that I have ever been involved in a certain escapade involving glue, miniature cranes, and coatimundis. Especially if the FBI is asking.

AwesomePossum214: You just got abjured. AB-JU-RED... Abjured.

Today's word: Ubiquitous

Definition: Omnipresent; having or seeming to have the ability to be everywhere at once

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