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You Know You're from Utah When...

You Know You're from Utah When...

kiki82539, we agree: Salt Lake City MUST be a city. —Sparkitors

I was inspired by all the You Know You're From  posts, and I decided to represent Utah! Enjoy, and perhaps you will come for a visit someday! You know you're from Utah when...

  • You know what fry sauce is, and can make it yourself.
  • You have never once had a snow day, not even when it snows all day and all night. If the busses can get out, so can you.
  • No politician ever comes to campaign because they know the Republicans win. Always.
  • Eating ice cream in the winter is a regular thing.
  • The U is not just a letter. Neither is the Y.
  • In-state rivalry games are bigger than the Super Bowl.
  • JELL-O with fruit and/or carrots in it is not strange.
  • You can pronounce Tooele. (I'll give you a hint, it's not Tooley)
  • When people from the east talk about their "mountains," you just laugh.
  • You don't pronounce the "T" in mountain. Or Layton. Or Antelope. Or curtain.
  • You know how to plan your day at Lagoon so that you can ride all the rides and see all the shows TWICE.
  • You either are a Mormon, are related to a Mormon, or are friends with a Mormon, and therefore relate (to some degree) to the post You Know You're A Mormon When...
  • Your neighbors have 8 or more kids.
  • You can count the number of minority kids at your school on one hand, and if you can't, you live in Ogden.
  • Even though no one out-of-state classifies it as a city, you still consider Salt Lake City to be a pretty massive city. I mean, come on, it even has CITY in the name. That has to mean something.
  • Anything over 10% humidity is uncomfortable. Anything over 30% is just completely unbearable, and you won't leave your house unless you absolutely have to.
  • You know that "If you don't like Utah weather, just wait 5 minutes" really is true.
  • You know that Larry H. Miller owns EVERYTHING in Utah. And even though he's dead now (RIP), you still expect some new thing to come out with his name attached to it.

Do you think you'd like to live in Utah?

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