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Yeah, Voldemort Loves Lawn Bowling—You Got Something To Say About It?

Yeah, Voldemort Loves Lawn Bowling—You Got Something To Say About It?

Don't let that clever title fool you: this is a Think Tank post, bitchez. We're trying this new thang where we don't use series' names in titles, as it can deter new audience members from clicking on certain posts. IS THE STRATEGY WORKING, SO FAR? ARE YOU A NEW AUDIENCE MEMBER WHO WAS UNDETERRED? Whatevs. As long as we've got our loyal PBD babies, we're fine. So here's this week's riddle—sure, it's a little late, but we lack in punctuality, we make up for in perspiration.

Everybody's favorite Dark Lord is dressed in his finest white zoot suit (picture Joseph Gordon Levitt, but with vastly more figurative blood on his hands, or Sue Sylvester, with vastly more figurative blood on hers) and can't wait to meet up with—well,  no one, because he has no friends. But nonetheless, he's breathless with excitement: today is the day of his first lawn bowling tournament (he plays against himself , mainly, and is a ferocious competitor), and he can't wait to get his gammmme on.

But alas, when he cruises up to the bowling field on his Nimbus 5600, he finds it overrun by screeching, pudgy toddlers, who are involved in a very fearsome Easter egg hunt. Try as he might, Voldemort can't get those little suckers to give him even one square patch of grass to play in. He curses their parents and kicks baby rabbits until finally, one brave kid approaches him and makes him an offer: if Voldemort can solve his riddle, the gang of miniature hoodlums will secede their egg-hunting territory to him. If, however, he gets it wrong, he'll have to eat 34 packages of Peeps and then run around the park at top speed until he barfs. It seems like a fair deal to Voldie, who considers himself a top-shelf problem-solver, but his blood runs cold when he hears the boy's puzzle:

Which word in the English language still has the same pronunciation even after 4 of its 5 letters are taken away?

Voldie is absolutely TERRIBLE at any riddles involving "the English language," and is about to resign himself to his barfy fate when YOU step in and save the day. OR DO YOU?

We'll find out soon enough! Post your best guess in the comments, and don't forget to mention your status (newbie or veteran)! And send any and all Gallery D'Art masterpieces to us right here!

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